March 29, 2013

Fictional Fancies: Castiel

Today's Fictional Fancy is brought to us by Wes, who might know better as unpaid but totally appreciated intern Nerd News contributor TGG. The conversation below happened on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, and before the day was over, there was a draft waiting in my posts. I, too, heart Castiel, so I couldn't wait to read about why Wes deems him fancy-worthy.

Spoiler alert: Today I’m going to be talking about a character from the CW show Supernatural. If you’re not caught up, or you plan on watching it in the future and don’t want things spoiled for you, don’t read this, but, you know, bookmark it for when you catch up.

As a contributor to C&CC as well as a fan of fine bloggy-things, I try to read every post on here and some of my favorites are the Fictional Fancies guest posts. Because a large percent of this blog’s readership is female, almost all of the Fictional Fancies have been about male characters. As a straight male, I still enjoy reading these posts, because at best they give me a lot of ideas on how to make myself more adorable, and at worst I get to imagine all the ways I could totally take those made-up pretty boys. (I’m lying. They would murder me, even the pie maker guy.) But just because I’m a dude married to a dudette doesn't mean I don’t sometimes look at these ridiculous fandoms and think, "You know what, crazy fangirls? You are so right."

Which brings us to Castiel.

Insert your own "touched by an angel" joke here.

Last year my wife and I started watching Doctor Who after several strong recommendations from pretty much all of our friends. Colt and Mandy, being veteran fans of the series, offered us a piece of advice: After the heart-wrenching sob-fest that is David Tennant's last episode we should give ourselves some time to mourn before starting the Matt Smith episodes. As it turns out, that was great advice, and we waited somewhere around four months before moving on, during which time we watched all seven and a half seasons of Supernatural.*

Supernatural is full of great characters that are constantly being killed because the writers hate us that I love, but the character I was most excited to meet was Castiel. I had some foreknowledge of him thanks to Mandy and Tumblr, but that mostly consisted of the fact that he is an angel in a trench coat and tie with a hilarious understanding of human insults and who is possibly also in love with Dean, or should be, anyway, if the Internet is to be believed. Needless to say, when we first met him in the season four premiere, I was a little taken aback. "This guy is kind of a dick," I thought. And it was true at first, but as the show went on we got to see Cas' weakness for humanity and his (purely platonic, probably) love for the Winchesters (especially Dean).

For reference, this line was directed at Dean.
Totally just friends.

His desire to save humanity from all threats—demonic and angelic—made us love him, and his ability to literally blow demons' minds turned him into a holy bad ass. But by far the best part of Castiel is Misha Collins, the actor who plays him. Season 6 episode 15, "The French Mistake," is the mother of all meta-episodes in which the Winchesters are transported to an alternate reality where they are actually Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki playing Dean and Sam Winchester on the TV show Supernatural. In it we get to see Misha Collins play himself and it is probably my favorite thing from the entire series. In this episode he also gave the Internet the best "feels" GIF of all time:

Misha Collins: Champion fake crier

At the end of season 6/beginning of season 7, when Cas went crazy, ate up all of Purgatory, threw it back up, got possessed, then exploded Leviathans everywhere and died, all I could think was, "Those bastard writers better not have killed him off for real." I was so relieved when he came back that I didn't even care that he was insane. I even drew a picture about it.

Click to get the full effect of my artistic mastery.

And I haven't overlooked the fact that he is just so adorable, amiright, ladies? I mean, gun to my head I'd say Dean is probably the best looking of the group, but Cas is pretty cute too. I'm not saying I want to make out with him or anything, but I will say that I didn't have to think too hard about my answer when my wife proposed that we both marry Misha Collins and all live happily ever after. As Dean would say: That sounds awesome!

Yes, actually, heaven is missing an angel. It's me. How did you know?

*To clarify, it only took us about three months to get caught up on Supernatural. The rest of the time was spent on lesser shows.

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  1. I so need to watch that show. It's on my list in-between Murdoch Mysteries, Downton Abbey, Arrow and about a dozen others.

  2. This post is just all kinds of awesome - thank you Wes! I have a similar experience of being introduced to Castiel (I blame my friend, Steve) and was not disappointed. He's easily become one of my favorite characters on the show. And fictional fancy indeed!

  3. From what I know of your tastes, I think you'd love it. So bump it up a few notches. ;)

  4. That was an awesome episode! And yes, Wes has hit the nail on the head yet again. :)

  5. Thanks again for writing this! :D

  6. He's amazing. Even when I don't like him (God!Cas), I still love him.

  7. Thanks, I'm glad to know it was entertaining for someone besides me. Cas is one of my favorite characters, but I also love(d) Bobby, he's just not as fanciable.

  8. Hahaha, I love(d) Bobby! And I mean, if someone didn't fancy a man who would put an Okami through a wood chipper, then they're an idjit.

  9. Booooobbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyy. :'(

    (And yes, I know that could be read booby, too.)