February 20, 2013

Win a custom illustration from Julie is Cooly!

New friend of C&CC Julie (and sister to good friend Holly of So Dang Brilliant) recently contacted me about hosting a giveaway to promote her brand new Etsy store, Julie is Cooly. Don't mind if I do!

One lucky entrant will receive a framed illustration of whatever they desire—as long as what they desire doesn't involve nudity or drug use. (Keep it SFW, please.) Your illustration could look something like this:

Or this:

Or even this:


Fill out the widget below to enter. This giveaway will close at midnight Friday, March 1—so get your entries in now!

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  1. You had me at Jedi Curious George Riding a Unicorn, which is what I assume the name of that masterpiece above is.

    Not sure if the widget accepted my answer for what I would ask Julie to draw, but it would obviously be something TMNT-related. In particular, it would be something Raphael-related. It might also involve 2Pac... #dontask

  2. I know that she's my sister, but I just think she's super talented. I'm so proud of you, Julie! (And I have a big ol' crush on you, Mandyyyyy.)

  3. Just had to comment and say YAY to Raphael love. Everyone I know likes Donatello...but my boy Raph is the best ;)

  4. I just want everyone to know that I am the proud owner of the Curious George-riding-a-unicorn masterpiece and it's pretty damned glorious.

  5. Nice! I bet you have the coolest art collection ever.

  6. I did it! Super excited to see who wins it and what they get. =)

  7. Awesome! And yes, it's gonna be great. We've got some very inventive people entering!