February 06, 2013

#VDayMugSwap goodies

Last month I posted about getting involved with the Valentine's Day Mug Swap. I received my package-o-goodies in the mail yesterday, and I just had to take a moment to thank my swap partner Erika, who blogs at A Girl Called Erika, for the awesome goods.

What a pretty color of mug, right? And while everything is awesome, the socks stand out (both literally and figuratively); the early 90s kid in me will never be able to give up the neon trend. There was also a small bag of Cadbury's Mini Eggs included ... but those are gone now.

Thank you so much for everything, Erika!

On a related note: If any of you creative folk—I know you're out there—have designed valentines or have run across a set of valentines (the nerdier the better, of course) that you particularly enjoy, let me know in the comments. I'm working on a round-up!


  1. May I be totally self-serving here and link you towards the Robot valentines I made? POst is here: http://robotaday.com/?p=225 but there is a secret set of slightly NSFW here: http://www.robotaday.com/bots/valentinesadult.jpg

    Also my favourite valentines of all time are these dictator ones: http://atheography.tumblr.com/image/41853664350

  2. Yay!! I'm so glad you liked everything. :o)

  3. Pshaw, I'd promote anything you made, even if it was Poop On A Stick(TM). And those are all amazing.