February 27, 2013

The 2013 C&CC Reader Survey

I am constantly working to make this blog the best, most entertaining it can be. I make little tweaks here and there—new features, implementing Disqus, ad swaps—but C&CC will be turning 3 in April, and I've recently been thinking that I'd like to make some more serious changes. (Good enough is never good enough!)

Before I go and do anything crazy, I'd love to get your opinions on a few things. If you would, please take the survey below? All responses are anonymous, so please, be as honest as you care to be! Even if you've never commented before, I'm sure you've got thoughts!

The survey will stay open until Wednesday, March 13.

Thank you in advance!

Survey now closed.

Also, if you haven't already—be sure to enter to win a custom illustration from Julie is Cooly! The giveaway closes at midnight Friday.

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