February 26, 2013

obsessed.: Beautiful Creatures soundtrack

When I enjoy a movie, I will often check out the soundtrack post-viewing. With movies scored by John Williams or James Horner, you pretty much know what you’ll be in for—epic, sweeping themes that stand the test of time. With YA book adaptations, however, it seems that the people in charge of the music often go for the “music from and inspired by” rather than a true soundtrack/score. Or they do both—as in the case of the Twilight movies—and the score goes mostly unpublicized. I don’t mind the “from and inspired by” soundtracks, mind you, as long as they work with the feel and action of a film.

The people behind the soundtrack of Beautiful Creatures went the more unusual route with an official soundtrack that is, with the exception of a few moments and a couple of songs that were in the credits, all instrumentals. I’ve been listening to it on repeat at work for the last week, and I am obsessed.

The band behind the music, Thenewno2 (led by Dhani Harrison, son of George), calls their sound “swamptronica.” And although it sounds strange, the moniker is quite appropriate. The soundtrack is a mix of orchestra and electronic, with some blues thrown in. The combination creates an atmosphere that invokes the feel of the movie—southern life mixed with the mysterious—quite well. But even if you’ve never seen the movie (and don’t plan to), the soundtrack stands well on it’s own.

I couldn't find the whole soundtrack available to embed here (you can stream it via Spotify, however; thanks Jaime!), but have a listen to the videos below, and let me know what you think.


  1. I just found it on Spotify (thenewno2 – Beautiful Creatures: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) and checking it out right now. I need something relaxing to listen to at work today!

    I'll report back...

  2. I listened to those videos, but I need to give them another shot because I'm at work (where it's loud) on my laptop (that is pretty quiet). I liked what I heard.

  3. I listened to this soundtrack last night, in its entirety. Definitely a cool sound, for the post part, though I suppose that shouldn't surprise me, to an extent. After all, George was always my favorite Beatle. ;)

  4. Some of the songs are a little lacking in "depth" to really grab me, but I do really like the unique sound.

  5. I was totally listening to it on Spotify too, and forgot to mention that point. So I gave you credit for thinking of it. ;)