December 07, 2012

Lusting after ...

My 29th birthday is Wednesday. Christmas is less than two weeks after that. If it's not a good time for another edition of material want, I don't know when is.

What's caught my eye lately? (Sorry if it's a bit long, it's been a while since the last LA ... post!)

This T-shirt.

(Grumpy Cat is my new jam.)

And this shirt. (On sale for two more days ... *winkwinknudgenudge*)

(I have a sad lack of Star Trek shirts in my collection.)

This sweater.

(I like the oversize look and the pop of neon in the otherwise "traditional" design.)

And this sweater.

(I try to get as much nerd into my M–Th daily attire as I can.)

And this one.

(Similarly, I try to get as much "superhero" into my wardrobe as possible, too.)

These jeans.

(Love the black-on-black dots.)

This dress.

(The opaque black on the sleeve would hide my tattoo perfectly for work occasions.)

This jacket.

(I've long been on the lookout for a dark-colored military-inspired trench à la Jack Harkness.)

And this jacket.

(I'd likely have to save this for the weekends.)

These flats.

(See the star sweater above.)

A pair of these pumps.

(The metallic cap is just a little bit badass.)

These boots.

(There's a hint of menswear in them that I really like.)

This nail polish collection. 

(The Andy Warhol-inspired collection calls my name.)

This watch.

(It's TARDIS-ish blue and the band is sparkly.)

This iPad cozy.

(I love ALL the Wesley Crusher Sweater things!)

This blanket.

(My parents owned a similar one when I was little and we always used it for picnics. #becausememories)

This wall sticker.

(No one would mess with a girl getting watched over by Agent Coulson.)

And this action figure.

(I totally wouldn't stage cuddle scenes battles between Loki and him ...)

What's on your holiday wishlist?


  1. R2D2 JACKET!!!!!!!

  2. So many pretty things!! You have excellent taste;)

  3. Lovely list! And oh man, if that first sweater weren't almost $500, I'd be all over it. And that iPad cozy! I recently came across a Crusher sweater for little guys. So want to get it for Lawson. :)

    1. Right? Sometimes I can't resist including completely out of reach items here, because, after all, it's for fun.

      And I loooove that sweater. I kind of want to get the pattern for future use. ;)

  4. Yes to the metallic tip pumps! You won't regret it :)

    1. I'll have to see if Santa brings me any giftcards this year ... ;)