November 06, 2012

obsessed.: Episode Calendar

You all know that I watch too much a lot of TV. I'm often forced to choose between what to DVR and what to watch later (online or on demand). Until recently, I had to make a list of shows I needed to watch later on paper or in a notes app. It worked ... but there's always a better way.

That better way happens to be Episode Calendar, a website on which you can select your favorite shows and add them to your calendar. The site will tell you when the next new episode is airing, and you can check it off your "unwatched" list once you've finished watching it. We filled up our DVR while we were on vacation last month, and Episode Calendar has been super handy in helping us catch-up/not miss what wasn't recorded.

The site's also a great outlet for my need to make lists and check things off them. (A.K.A. my OCD tendencies.)

Here's what our current calendar looks like:

Told you. A lot of TV.

I also just found out that there's an Episode Calendar Android app. If only one of the main tabs didn't have such a blatantly misspelled word ...


  1. oooh, that's so handy! I need that!

  2. OMG this is one of the BEST.APPS.EVER! I just signed up and downloaded the app to my tablet - LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thanks for sharing this discovery!!!!