November 21, 2012

Happy (day before) Thanksgiving!

Thoreau really knew what he was talking about, amirite?

I am ever so thankful for my vague indefinite riches—which I can definitely say include The Mister, Mrs. Mollie Weasley, vacation days, food comas, cooler weather, plans to see family, good health, engrossing reads, melodramatic TV shows and YOU.

I hope those of you who are celebrating tomorrow have a most wonderful of days. Although I'll be busy eating dainty lady portions stuffing my face most of the day, you can expect to see a new edition of Nerd News in the morning. I know more than one of you who would not be thankful were I to skip the essentials.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Love, love, love that quote! Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday!

    1. I thought it was quite fitting. :) Same to you!