November 09, 2012

Fictional Fancies: Prince Phillip

Today's Fictional Fancy comes to us from Nina, who blogs about life, fashion and fun—with a nerdy flair—at le fancy geek. While Prince Phillip isn't my favorite Disney man, I do so appreciate his willingness to fight, literally, to the death for the woman he loves. And, I appreciate Nina for writing about him!

Many of us were raised on a heavy diet of fairy tales and happily-ever-afters courtesy of Disney, so it’s only natural that as little girls (and boys), we found ourselves developing crushes on the male antagonists from each film before we could even fathom what a “crush” actually was. All we knew is that we liked them in a way that deferred from the feelings we had about our best friend and favorite stuffed animal.

Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty has been the bees knees for me since I was 4. Though he is aesthetically pleasing (dark hair + brown eyes = swoon!), my main draw to Prince Phillip was the fact that he had a horse. Like I said, I was 4, and obsessed with My Little Pony. Of course I’m going to have a crush on the dude with a stallion! But as I grew older, I’ve come to appreciate the finer points that Prince Phillip brings to the table that basically make the other princes look like chumps.

Prince Phillip went into combat with a powerful fairy (Maleficent) that turned herself into a dragon and came out victorious. And when he's captured by Maleficent, the most bad ass villain EVER, he gives her that "You smell like sh!t" look rather than cowering in fear. In my book, that is super badass! He did get help from Princess Aurora’s fairies though, but it’s not like he objected their help like, “Excuse me ladies. I’m a man. I can do this myself. Go back to the cottage and bake a cake.” Nope. He totally didn’t mind when they bestowed him with a sword and shield, or getting protected by a magical rainbow that blocked a cascade of hot goop that prevented him from melting right down to his bones. This guy will graciously accept help when he knows he needs it, and it doesn’t matter if three old ladies are the ones that are helping him. Without them, he would’ve never gotten out of the Forbidden Mountain. No egos with that guy! Now who wouldn’t love that quality in a person? And despite the fact that he had help, it takes some major cajones to go up against Maleficent and he did it in the name of love! Credit must be given where it is due. Prince Phillip also chopped his way through a thorny threshold—I think anyone can appreciate a determined man with noble goals.

He’s not into social status as he was completely ready to ditch a princess he was betrothed to (who he only met once and she was just a newborn babe) so he could marry a peasant girl he met in the forest. Granted, that peasant ended up being the princess he was betrothed to, but I digress. Prince Phillip went as far as to stand up to his father about the issue, telling him, “You’re living in the past. This is the 14th century!” Phillip’s a fellow with modern views and is willing to ditch a life of luxury for “some random nobody” (his father’s words, not mine) who doesn’t even own a decent pair of shoes (my words, not his father’s).

Something else I noticed about Prince Phillip in recent viewings of Sleeping Beauty is that he is utterly charismatic, like in a Harrison Ford a la Indiana Jones or Nathan Fillion kind of way. His charming ways are apparent in the scene where he convinces his horse, Sampson, to follow the mysterious singing voice in the woods with a couple buckets of oats and a few carrots. I don’t know … there’s just something about the delivery in his speech and his facial expressions that remind me of Dr. Jones and Nathan Fillion. See it for yourself!

So, here we have a charismatic and uber brave prince that will fight dragons, face a threshold of thorns, marry you for love and not status, has a modern viewpoint, isn't afraid to get help from ladies, AND he can sing and dance—there is seriously no need to say more about what a catch this prince is!

Thanks so much to Nina for writing this up! If you're interested in sharing a Fictional Fancy of your own, email me!


  1. "he is utterly charismatic, like in a Harrison Ford a la Indiana Jones or Nathan Fillion kind of way. " - there was always something about Prince Phillip that I couldn't put my finger on, but I think this might be it. Awesome!

    1. I'd never thought about him that way either, but it's a brilliant comparison. :)