November 16, 2012

Fictional Fancies: Leo Wyatt

Today's Fictional Fancy comes to us from Jen, who blogs about her love of books, sparkles and her two super cute kiddos at Jen in Wonderland. (Jen also happens to be one of my best IRL friends!) Although I haven't watched Charmed in years, but I totally agree that Leo's super fanciable—he was such a sweetheart!

Ah, Leo Wyatt. He is by far my favorite Whitelighter turned Elder turned Avatar turned human. And although Charmed had its fair share of hotties sharing screen time back in the day, none of them set my heart to pitter pattering the way good ol’ Leo did.

From the very first moment that I laid eyes on our Leo, in the very first season of Charmed, I was a smitten kitten. When we were first introduced to Leo Wyatt, he was a mere handyman, hired to fix up Halliwell Manor. Little did the Halliwell sisters know that he was actually their guardian angel of sorts. Phoebe and Piper fought for his affections, but Piper is the one that caught his eye. Am I the only one who was completely smitten by this romance? Seriously, Piper and Leo are probably one of my all-time favorite television show couples. Move over Ross and Rachel, these two had the art of make-up/break up (and being broken up) down. I can’t even tell you how many times they have made me cry. Even now, as a grown a$$ woman, if I watch an episode where they have to part in some way, the water works turn on. Sad, but true. They had a way of being a very “real” couple in a very unreal world.

Leo was the boy (or angel) that every girl should want to bring home to “meet the parents.” In his previous "mortal" life, he was an Army medic. That position led him to be killed in the line of duty and eventually he was given his "wings," so that he could be of a greater service on a supernatural level.

Although he and Piper went through many, MANY ups and downs, his love for her never wavered. At one point he even went against the Elders (his supernatural “bosses”) and healed Piper to save her life. Did I not mention that as part of his Whitelighter abilities he could actually heal people?! This act of defiance for the sake of love caused the Elders to clip Leo’s wings, thus rendering him mortal once more. Oh yes, and all of this happened when he and Piper were not even together! Talk about loyalty.

Leo, like any great man, also had an immense amount of patience. Constantly surrounded by three powerful witches, who all tried to, in one way, shape or form, hold onto their humanity, would warrant due diligence in the art of being patient. Plus, he was super cute to boot. With his boyish good looks, megawatt smile and ever changing hair, he had me hook, line and sinker.

Trying to do the “right thing” for his family was always the Leo way. Even when he took away Piper’s pain after they had to split up due to his unwillingly becoming an Elder, he did it with the best of intentions. He always wanted nothing more than his family’s happiness.

Charmed is one of those shows that I can always go back and watch reruns and never, ever get bored of it. And no matter how many times I watch I always, always find myself rooting for (and swooning for) Leo all over again. Seriously, Leo was the epitome of the “perfect man.” His dry sense of humor, his patience, his loyalty, his never ending love, his smile, his hair—and let’s not forget all that flannel. What’s not to love?!

Thanks so much to Jen for writing this up! If you're interested in sharing a Fictional Fancy of your own, email me!


  1. Aw, I'm so glad someone wrote about Charmed! While I don't really fancy Leo, I do agree that they are one of the best TV couples! They're together the WHOLE series, even when they're not together, I mean, come on, they're so in love. Ups and downs indeed, and they stay together. <3
    This makes me wish I wrote my Fictional Fancies about Drake, the former-demon played by Billy Zane in only two episodes. He was so charming... Or maybe just Billy Zane in general. :)

    1. You're always welcome to write another one! (Except not about Billy Zane the real guy, because, you know, he's not fictional. ;))

  2. Oh Leo :) One of my friends met him in London earlier this year at a convention and I must admit that I was quite jealous. I was pretty excited to see him pop up in L.A. Noire too

    1. I turned on the SyFy channel yesterday and dude-who-plays-Leo was in a terrible monster movie called Camel Spiders. So he's definitely still around. :)