October 22, 2012

Thank you, friends!

We're back! And what a fantastic vacation we had! I plan to get photos together to post late this week, but first, I wanted to post a huge thank you to those lovely friends who've guest posted over the past couple of weeks. As a recap:
Holly of So Dang Brilliant wrote about her love of a capella (and the movie Pitch Perfect).
Erin of Robot A Day crafted up three ways to make a mini Loki helm.
Wes (TGG) wrote about how to create a car (and more) in LittleBIGPlanet.
Fiona of Life in Brief wrote about five ladies she's fancied being.
Tara of Sew Tara introduced us to shows we should know and love and that make great company.
Tish of Tish Chambers showed us how skulls can make great art—all year 'round.
Mariel of More Than ... showed us how to make nerdy wall art out of junk mail.
Jen of A Tale of 2 Monkeys wrote great nerdy T-shirts.
Rachel of Things I've Seen and Heard wrote about her adventures in Chicago.
Annika of All the Live Long Day, Jaime of ShezCrafti and Nina of le fancy geek also wrote wonderful Fictional Fancy posts—on an agent, a vampire (no, not that one) and a prince—that you'll see in the coming weeks.

I feel so honored to have gotten to know such wonderful and generous people via the Internets. To those who wrote posts: Thank you all again. Someone really needs to invent transporters (or some other form of cheap, instant transportation) so we can hang out (and geek out) in person.

I hope you all enjoyed their posts—please let me know if you did; I'd love to do more guest posts like these in the future—and took the time to travel to their blogs as well. (They're seriously awesome people and totally deserve the traffic!)

All images via Just Wink.


  1. welcome back!! glad you had a great time, and I'm looking forward to seeing some photos!

    1. I feel like I failed in the fully documenting aspect, but there are some ... ;P

  2. I had fun with my guest post and I really enjoyed everyone else's.

    You should go on vacation more often! Not really. Never leave again, please.

  3. Can't wait for your pics and love the rainbow card!

    1. Just Wink is the absolute best. And I hope to have them up Monday!