October 23, 2012

obsessed.: Olly Murs

When I get obsessed. with a song, I often try to find more of the singer/musician's work. Sometimes the song is a one hit wonder, but occasionally, I become obsessed. with everything they've ever done. Olly Murs' music is one example of the latter.

It all began with "Heart Skips a Beat," the video for which you can (and should) watch below.

Doing a little research into Mr. Murs led me to find out that he's a former (British) X-Factor contestant. Catchy Brit pop? Definitely a not-so-guilty pleasure.

When I realized that Olly's music wasn't available stateside, I went searching, and found that it is available to stream via Grooveshark. I've created a playlist of his two albums below. You're welcome.


  1. I totally loved Olly Murs on xfactor and then don't listen to the radio enough to actually follow his career afterwards - thanks for this, I'll be listening to him a whole lot more now!

    1. You're a total Olly hipster! ;) And I'm glad I could help out. <3