October 12, 2012

Guest post: Fanciable fictional characters with Fiona of Life in Brief

Today's guest post is brought to you by the super sweet Fiona of Life in Brief. (You can learn more about her in her Geek of the Week post.) Thanks so much for doing this, Fiona!

When the lovely Mandy asked if I’d be willing to write a guest post for use during her vacation I knew exactly what I wanted to write! I love her Fictional Fancies section, as I was definitely that girl at school who couldn’t bear any of the boys around her, and instead set her heart on those guys she encountered within the pages of a book. However, I thought I’d put a little spin on it, and instead of sharing some of the fictional characters I fancied, I’ll share some of the fictional characters I have, at some point along the years, fancied being. So, in no particular order ...

Hermione Granger (Harry Potter series)

When you’re a teenager whose best friends are fictional characters, you don’t actually find yourself picking up Harry Potter and thinking ‘phoar’ over the awkward characters that were the early Harry and Ron—nope, you look straight at Hermione and say ‘YES’. She’s bossy, overly confident in her intellect and really quite socially awkward ... it’s almost like J.K. Rowling had met the thirteen-year-old me when she thought up the character.

I’ll be honest, in my late teens/early twenties, I modelled my behaviour on this girl.

Jo March (Little Women)

Hmm … there seems to be a bit of a I-like-girls-in-books-who-read-books theme going on here. Jo was unashamed of her intellect and love of reading at a time when that made her a bit, well, odd. How I can relate! I’ve never been a fan of parties or social gatherings, and would much rather be at home with a book or running around with my best friend Liam. I read Little Women first when I was around eleven, and I will be always grateful to Louisa May Alcott for having created a character who would make me realise I wasn’t the only girl to feel that way!

Plus, I always wanted to go ice-skating with Laurie!

Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

Girl had a library given to her. ‘nuff said!

Lucy Honeychurch (A Room With a View)

Perhaps the only real romantic heroine in the list—Lucy Honeychurch is a young woman who travels to Florence with her older cousin and has all her life thrown around (in a beautifully Edwardian way whereby nothing really actually happens, but she’s ever so shaken up by it), and discovers that love and life are more complex than her middle class Southern English upbringing would have her understand.

I head to Florence for the first time ever next month, and if I don’t get kissed in a field of cornflowers, I’ll be pretty disappointed.

Katniss (Hunger Games series)

Can’t possibly make a list of fictional women I’d like to be without including the wonderful Katniss, now immortalised in the form of Jennifer Lawrence in as perfect a way as Emma Watson did Hermione. Strong and brave despite her fear, she’s a realistic heroine who understands that she may fail in her endeavours, but she can’t not try.

Not so good at understanding her own heart maybe, but there are bigger things to be dealing with!

I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday Mandy! Thanks for having me here on the blog!


  1. This is a great list. I am happy other people pretend to be characters form movies and books as well. :o)

  2. I'd bet money that, subconsciously, i turned out the way i did because of Jo March

  3. Such strong and intelligent characters! Love the ladies that are listed here.