October 26, 2012

Fictional Fancies: Mick St. John

Today's Fictional Fancy comes to us from Jaime, a.k.a. shezcrafti, who blogs about pop culture at Shezcrafti.com. I was only too happy to oblige her another FF post (she previously wrote one on Logan Echolls) because 1) she's awesome and 2) she's got great taste. Moonlight is one of my favorite, "gone-too-soon" shows.

Back in 2007, there was an incredibly sweet but short-lived paranormal romance show on CBS about vampires called Moonlight. This was about a year before the first Twilight movie hit theaters, and thus before we had become a nation of vampire-obsessed fangirls who eagerly bit into shows like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries. The show had respectable ratings but fell victim to the Writers’ Strike and was ultimately cancelled after only 16 episodes. Moonlight may have only lasted for one season, but it was more than enough time for its central character to completely steal my heart: the tall, dark, and fangsome Mick St. John.

Played by the dashing, blue-eyed Alex O’Loughlin (who I had absolutely no idea was Australian until years after I discovered this show), Mick St. John is an 85-year-old vampire who works as a private investigator in L.A. I knew right away he was different from other vampires, both in principles and mythology. He doesn’t hurt innocents, women or children. He sleeps in a freezer, not a coffin. He orders fresh blood from a dealer who steals it from morgues. He can tolerate sunlight, but not for too long. He has superhuman strength, speed and agility and can heal rapidly from any wound. But let’s get to the reason we’re all here, shall we? He is insanely sexy.

Of course, Mick being a vampire means the sexy is automatically implied. He’s charismatic, mysterious, and does that whole disappearing suddenly thing that is infuriatingly alluring. The sex appeal of vampires is not something that really needs to be explained, especially modern-day, romanticized vampires in the vein of Angel who aspire to be good despite the inner demons of the dark creature they’ve become. Though Mick has learned to control his impulses (for the most part), he takes advantage of his dark gifts to solve crimes, save the day, and to throw down with the occasional not-so-good vampire who crosses his path.

When he meets the young, pretty, but too-inquisitive-for-her-own-good reporter Beth Turner during one of his investigations, we learn that her history is mysteriously entwined with Mick’s own. He is familiar to her, but she doesn’t know why. She is helplessly drawn to him in spite of his best efforts to play it cool and put up boundaries to protect her from the past, his secrets, as well as himself. Their romance is one that unfolds agonizingly slowly throughout the season, with Beth inching closer and closer as Mick struggles to hide what he is all the while keeping her at arm’s length to protect her. Mick’s relationship with Beth is a delicate balancing act between doing what he feels is right and giving in to his emotions. There are so many “almost” kisses and will they/won’t they moments in this show that tease you to the brink of exhaustion. And let me tell you, girls—it is hot stuff.

Although he’s incredibly fast and strong, Mick’s vampirism makes him vulnerable to a lot of everyday situations that are routine for humans but dangerous for his kind. In these situations he leans on his human companion Beth, which sets up some heart-tuggingly tender moments between them. I love that this show emphasizes Mick’s weaknesses versus portraying him as too perfect and impossibly all-powerful. We get to see so much of his human side, and his eventual romance with Beth is all the more believable for it. I think it is these vulnerabilities that attract me to him the most. (Surprisingly, it isn’t Mick’s rugged good looks or six-pack abs that does it for me—they’re just a nice bonus.)

I went in to this show not really knowing what to expect, but by the end of the first episode I was completely head-over-heels for Mick St. John and ready to bear his undead children. Though only 16 episodes of Moonlight were ever produced, they gave us some of the most romantic, sigh-inducing moments on television, and the fact that we’ll never get to know how Mick and Beth’s story turns out only amplifies the overall feeling of unfulfilled passion I came away with. It’s hard to say if the premature ending is where my obsession stems from, but I know one thing for sure—I’ll continue to fancy Mick St. John long after the rest of the world has forgotten about this show, and my mind is more than happy to fill in the blanks.

Thanks so much to Jaime for writing this up! If you're interested in sharing a Fictional Fancy of your own, email me!

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  1. Always a pleasure. Anything for an excuse to gush about hot guys from cancelled shows.