September 11, 2012

obsessed.: Night Visions

You might recall that I posted about loving the Imagine Dragons song "It's Time" back in May. But now that the entire album—Night Visions—is out, I have to post once again—their music is most definitely double obsessed.-worthy.

I'm impressed by all the different styles of music the band's mixed up into the album. I get different "feels" from each song, and while I'm reminded of other bands while listening to certain songs, Imagine Dragons have really made it all their own.

In searching for videos of some of the songs off the album to share with you, I found this neat quasi-interactive video that allows you to sample all of the songs! (Technology, amirite?)

I hope you enjoy!


  1. True Story: I was listening to them on my lunch break and thought of you.


    Good tunes.