September 17, 2012

Lusting after ...

One of the main (materialistic) reasons I've long loved the autumn season was the back-to-school shopping. Although I don't really have an excuse to go buy new things—no actual going back to school for me any more—I still love to take a look at new things (and occasionally even buy myself a little something). What's caught my eye this back to school season?

This tote.

(It's not a fall color, but it'll be my favorite for a while yet.)

This sweater.

And this one.

(Love the comic-like graphics and bold colors.)

These wedges.

(There's just something so Fall about caramel suede.)

This messenger bag.


This "velvet" manicure set.

(I don't know how long it would last, but it's so pretty!)

One each of these prize ribbons.

(I'd wear them as brooches.)

These leggings.

(Also natch.)

This skull bracelet.

And these skull-studded flats.

(I love wearing little hints of badass on a daily basis.)

These Chucks.

(I like that they're not overtly comic, but rather comic-inspired.)

This floor pouf.

(Homes deserve new things too!)

This amazing necklace.

(Inspired by the Olly Moss Loki/NYC illustration I posted about in last week's Nerd News.)

This backpack.

(It's blue-sky-with-clouds print inside!)

This blazer.

(Business casual with a little sass.)

This necklace.

(I'd pretend it said something rude on those not-so-great days.)

These boots.

(Then I'd need a studded jacket, and then a motorcycle ...)

And last but not least, these cords.

(In multiple colors—gotta have options!)

What have you been loving lately?



  1. Great list! I'm loving that skull bracelet. And, obviously, that floor pouf. ;)

  2. Skull Studded Flats, Skull Bracelet, Messenger Bag <3.
    Great list:)