September 05, 2012

C&CC Correspondents

You might have seen, in issues of Nerd News, that I have a couple of friends who help me in finding the latest and greatest in, well, nerdy news, to share with you. While I feel like I have a good grasp on the movie/TV/fangirling portion of things, I need help with the video games, comics and tabletop game angles. That's where Wes and Mark come in.

Wes, a.k.a. The Gentleman Gamer (TGG)

Wes has been gaming since he was a child. His love of video games started when his parents bought him his first NES and has only grown stronger since. Besides video games, he also loves pretty much all things nerdy, especially anything relating to Spider-Man or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He currently lives in Austin with his awesome wife, their cat, Mirabelle, and their corgi, Master Samwise the Brave.

(He was also featured in a Geek of the Week post, which you can read here.)

As TGG, Wes helps me compile NN's video game section.

Mark, a.k.a. The Comics Curmudgeon (TCC)

That's TCC-in-Training Mason in the background.

Mark says: "I am The Comic Curmudgeon, also known as Mark, also known as @mrkmllr. Obviously, I love comics and superheroes. I have read and collected them for as long as I can remember. I love them from both fanboy and historical perspectives, though my nerdiness doesn’t end there. I love most things fantasy or sci-fi (Wars over Trek, btw), gaming (both old-school tabletop RPGs and those of the video variety), The Doctor, and 80’s toys and cartoons (most notably, GI Joe).

I grew up in Ohio but moved to Texas a few years back. My other interests include my wife, my nerdspawn (aka Mason, aka The Boy), my dog, being tall, being bald, drawing and cooking. Finally, despite my C&CC moniker, I am a delightful person to be around. Balls, The Chief wanted 150 words ... cobra, cobra, cobra, cobra, cobra, cobra, cobra, cobra, cobra, cobra, cobra, cobra, cobra, cobra, cobra, and cobra."

(Mark, too, was a featured Geek of the Week.)

As TCC, Mark helps me compile NN's comics and tabletop game section.

Of course, I'd be remiss not to thank everyone who sends me items to post—I've only got two eyes and so many hours to Internet. I truly appreciate y'all thinking of me when you find something particularly nerdy during your travels. (Keep up the excellent work! C&CC's got a superb posse.)

Are you interested in contributing to C&CC? I'm certainly open to ideas—for guest posts or whatever. Email me, and we'll chat.

P.S.—A special thanks goes out to my main correspondent, both online and off, Colt, a.k.a. The Mister. To the ends of the universe, love.

P.P.S.—Today is my mom's birthday. Happy birthday, Marm!

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