August 07, 2012

obsessed.: Just Wink cards

I was in Target the other day, much like I am on a weekly basis, when passing by the card section, what should catch my eye but a new display. The cards within were bright, cheerful, funny and a few even had accents of glitter, which is never a bad thing.

Now, I am a fan of well-designed cards. In college, I used to visit the university bookstore to peruse—and spend more money on than I should have—the latest Hallmark Fresh Ink cards. (Damn those adorable little squares and their weirdly more expensive square envelopes!)

These new cards aren't square (I have a thing for squares), but they are just as witty and fun to send. Please allow me to introduce you to my latest paperie obsession: Just Wink.

After a little more research, I've found out that this line has been around for a while, in the online realm. Through their website or their awesome app (which is available for iPhones, Androids and the Nook e-reader), you can personalize and then email, Facebook or physically mail cards to your friends and loved ones.

Here are three examples of the "hilariously awesome" cards you'll find via Just Wink:

Definitely check them out for yourself—I've bought three so far and plan to purchase more as events arise. I mean, through what other card company can you find cards that fall into categories such as FML and Bromance?


  1. I love funny greeting cards! Most are so unoriginal and thoughtless.
    I always copy ideas (aka draw/make my own) from Bald Guy Greetings
    They're funny, too.
    But I love these Just Wink designs. ;)
    I will have to start copying them. Ha ha.

    1. Love those Bald Guy cards! I've never seen them before. :)

  2. So cute! I'm a sucker for cards. I once bought a decorative box at Target that came full of handmade looking cards for all types of events. I still have the box and a few of the cards. I'm definitely going to have to check these out next time I'm there. :)