August 13, 2012

Haiku Revieu: Total Recall

Total Recall (****)

Fun spin on the first
Rekall messes with your head
Lori gives good wife

POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD. (But really, if you've seen the first movie, there's not too too much to spoil.) I went in to Total Recall without many high expectations. I enjoy the original for what it is—a cheese-tastic 90s Ah-nold movie. I was hoping, basically, that it would be that, but with better special effects.

Coming out of the movie, I was actually really pleased. It wasn't the most heavy-hitting movie, obviously, but the action was fun, the homages to the original were well done, and the special effects/sets/production design was awesome. (Patrick Tatopoulos—my favorite judge from SyFy's Face Off—was the production designer, and he did a fantastic job.)

As for the characters, Colin Farrell is great in his role as Quaid/Houser. (He really does so well in action roles.) Kate Beckinsale plays an excellent villain—and stays absolutely stunning the entire time, regardless of weather conditions. (Seriously. She is just ridiculously gorgeous.) And Jessica Biel was OK, much like she is in pretty much all aspects of her career. (I'm not the biggest Biel fan. As Colt so aptly puts it, she's just kind of all-around middle of the road.)

The plot did leave a few questions unanswered. Why did the "No Zone" not encroach on the two remaining livable zones? If The Fall was so easily "beaten," why hadn't the resistance tried that before? Since it looked that terrible, why did Sulu not re-dye his hair after bleaching it?

And yes, for you sticklers, the three-breasted hooker does appear—in all her glory.


  1. Ohhh, this is quite positive, I've read a lot worse reviews, I won't give up hope on it yet...

    1. Don't! It's not anything spectacular, but it's a fun, entertaining time. :)