August 27, 2012

Haiku Revieu: The Bourne Legacy

The Bourne Legacy

Renner stands up tall
It is hot in Manila
Matthew Damon who?

POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD. I definitely enjoy the Bourne movies. They're exciting and a little more though-provoking than movies like The Expendables. (Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with such movies, of course, but it's OK to have to think from time to time.) Plus, Jason Bourne is a badass, and the first three movies include some pretty epic car chases.

The Bourne Legacy
is the first in—I'm guessing—what will be multiple films starring Jeremy Renner as another Jason Bourne-type super soldier/spy built by the U.S. government to do questionable things in the name of patriotism/homeland security. (The U.S. government and intelligence community really aren't painted in the best of lights in these movies.) Legacy's timeline overlaps some with The Bourne Ultimatum (the last of the Matt Damon-led films), which helps Legacy and Renner's Aaron Cross segue into their own story. The basic plot is similar to that of the first three movies—Cross is a spy on the run—but it differs largely in that where Bourne didn't know who he was at first, or why people were after him, Cross knows from the beginning who he is and that he's been screwed over.

I actually haven't seen Renner in many movies, but have come to really like him through all the Avengers stuff I've watched or read in the last few months. (For example, did you know that he used to be a makeup artist?) I think he did a fantastic job of jumping in to a series and making it his own while not completely straying from Damon's work. In other words, the movie fits into the Bourne universe, but I can see it becoming the Cross universe within a couple more films.

I also really enjoyed the realism of the relationship between Cross and Marta, the main female character (played by Rachel Weisz). There was obvious interest and furtive glances and lingering touches, but there wasn't an immediate James Bond-style shacking up. I always enjoy movies that show appreciation of the chase.

The motorbike chase didn't let me down any, either.

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