August 22, 2012

Getting down to bidness (cards)

Back in June, I held a giveaway for business cards from Print Runner. Hosting said giveaway meant that I would get a set of cards as well. I've just recently slowed down enough to work on new designs, and I wanted to get y'all's opinion on some of the options.

Which combination(s) do you prefer?



Also, does the back make sense? I was trying to get across the @mandyannecurtis, and all in one.


  1. Vertical 2,4 <3

  2. Oh this is HARD.....I like vertical 2&4 the best, but found vertical 3 to be easier to read

  3. I like vertical 2 & 4 the best as well. Also, I understood the whole back thing. Clever girl you are! <3

  4. I adore horizontal 1 and 3! plus it gives you some room to write a note if you need it!

  5. The back does make sense and it is very clever. :)
    I think horizontal works better because you have long lines of text to fit in.
    The design is great, Mandy. :)

  6. I vote horizontal 2 for the front.

    I like horizontal 3 for the back because I think it's easier to read, but I understand wanting it to look different than the front.

  7. I'd gop for horizontal 1 + 4, I think.

  8. Horizontal 1 and 3 for the win, baby!

  9. either vertical or horizontal (though i think the vertical is more interesting and the grid looks better) my answer is the same 2 (cause it's how i picture your logo in my head. it doesn't seem right without the grid) and 3 (because though 4 is cool and i like the solid to go with the gridded front and all, it's also harder to read (white on grey always is for me).. at least on screen. people shouldn't have to squint to figure out what it says)

    i think the back is clever. i didn't see the first @ and when i was looking at it the first time & i thought you accidentally put .com twice. but then my brain caught up with my eyes, and now there is an 'oooohhh!! of COURSE that's what she meant!' sort of thing happening.

  10. Thank you all for the great feedback, friends! :D

  11. I like horizontal 1/3 the best... but I do have a question: What exactly are you selling?

    1. Nothing, really. They're more just for contact card purposes. :)