August 31, 2012

Fictional Fancies: The Doctor

I honestly can't remember why I started watching Doctor Who when it returned to television in 2005 other than that I tend to always give scifi/fantasy shows a chance, regardless of their level of quality. (See: The Nine Lives of Chloe King, The Secret Circle, etc. ...) I'm sure I'd heard of the show before, having grown up in a fandom household, but I'd never quite gotten into any of the more quirky BBC shows (a la Red Dwarf). I'm so very glad I gave it a chance, though, because it led me to meet one of my most beloved characters of all time:

The Doctor.

Now, you might think that doing one Fictional Fancy post on a man Timelord with various faces and personalities would qualify as cheating. And you might be somewhat correct. However, the three Doctors I know the best have all shaped the character, and I have reasons for fancying them all.

Nine was the first Doctor I really came to know. He could be short and gruff, at times, and he never seemed to be fully happy, even when smiling. To me, it seemed like he carried the weight of his past like an albatross; he performed his duties with aplomb, but there was always something "else" it seemed like he thought he should be doing instead.

As for his partnerships, his relationship with Rose was just getting started when he regenerated, and that makes me sad. With only 13 episodes, neither Rose nor the viewers really got to know Nine. And I'll be completely honest—I haven't watched Nine's series in years, so my impressions have been tempered by time and the Doctors that followed. Nine's not my favorite, but just because he's at the bottom doesn't mean I don't like and appreciate him.

Ten is my Doctor. He was charming and witty with an underlying current of badassery that couldn't be beat. He was so intense at times it was almost scary, but he could be silly, too, when the situation called for it. He had fun, but he wasn't afraid to also, well, destroy things when necessary.

His relationships with his three companions were all quite different. He was in love with Rose (and don't you try to tell me any different). He was distracted with Martha. And he valued Donna above all for being able to speak her mind and be (almost) his equal. When he was on the verge of regeneration, my heart broke, and I still get a little choked up when I think about how alone he was (by choice, mind you) right before he changed.

As for Eleven ... a part of me wanted to hate him when we first met, purely because he wasn't Ten. But he soon won over my heart with his childlike actions and gleefully silly nature. As a friend once aptly put it, "Ten would take you on an adventure, but Eleven would stop for ice cream and sprinkles along the way."

He's not without his issues, of course. Eleven has to deal with much more serious dangers than the other two ever did. (Likely a Davies v. Moffat issue.) That he does so without completely losing the good nature with which he does everything else is endearing. Whereas Ten wouldn't shy from blowing an aggressive alien ship up, Eleven saves the universe with a jammie dodger and a Fez. And I love the relationship Eleven has with the Ponds—he was so lonely when he met them, and they filled a hole in his life that I don't think he wanted to admit was there. (Side note: I'm really going to miss Amy and Rory when they're gone.)

Even though I'm not a companion and unlikely ever will be (*pout*), I will forever feel grateful that the madman with a box was/is part of my life, and I'm overjoyed that I get to—albeit vicariously—go along for the ride.

P.S.—Don't forget that series 7 starts THIS SATURDAY! 9 p.m.(/8 p.m. CDT), BBC America.

August 30, 2012

Nerd News: Avengers deleted scenes, play Terry's muscles, Pond Life and more

 Vol. 3, Issue 35

Have you been watching Pond Life, the series of (too) short minisodes of Doctor Who featuring the Ponds while they're not traveling with Eleven? You should be. They are adorable.

The first is below, and I'll link to parts 2, 3 and 4 under the video. (The fifth should be released Friday.)


Here are part 2, part 3 and part 4. The third is definitely my favorite so far. (Man, do I love Oods.)

In other TV news:

Here's a new teaser for the series 7 premiere episode of Doctor Who:


And one for the new season of Castle:


And one for the new series Star Wars: Detours, which looks ... kind of awful. (Thanks, TGG?)

These "honest" Game of Thrones mottos are funny.


And you know me and minimalism ... (Thanks, Erica!)


In movie news:
  • Two new deleted scenes from The Avengers have been released. (Peep them below.) While I enjoy the Steve one—it makes me want to give the poor guy a hug—the alternate opening (Thanks, Colt!) makes me crinkle my nose. And dislike Maria Hill a whole lot.

A few trailers/clips:

Captain Planet


LOKI'd! That's totally fake. On to the real trailers:

The Dark Knight Returns (Thanks, TCC.)


Django Unchained


Dredd 3D


Resident Evil 5


I find myself thinking in terms of cosplay a lot these days. These would be awesome to do.


Love it.


Also, Mr. Potato Head as Bruce Willis? Inspired.

In SCIENCE! and tech news:

From TGG, in game news:

I also ran across this: Star Wars 1313 art adds a touch of Blade Runner to make awesome. (Yes, the grammar in that title is awkward.)

I might like Pokemon a bit more if the creatures looked like this instead.


From TCC, this week's comic news:

I would like one of each of these Marvel NOW! variant covers by Skottie Young, preferably poster-sized.


These 80s X-girls are also super cute.


This is a lovely Wondy, but the star in her nether regions is a bit unnecessarily eye-catching.


Let's pause a moment to view this very important commercial:


This cake is spectacular. (Thanks, Shaun!)


0:26 is what really makes this parody video for me. I hope Lucas sees this and adds it in to his future (inevitable) revisions of Star Wars.


Aw, cute.


What's with rainy Avengers art this week?


Also? More babies.


And finally, this is AMAZING.(Thanks, Ben!)


August 29, 2012

Ask Lola—A Friends of C&CC giveaway!

The lovely Mariel, who was featured in a Geek of the Week post in April, has recently opened a new Etsy store—Ask LOLA—influenced by her geeky/nerdy personality, her faith and simple minimalist design.

As she says on the shop's about page:
geek out. have faith. craft on.
i've always enjoyed crafting and creating. my lola (filipino word for grandma) is one of the influential crafters in my life, and my shop's name is inspired by her.

here's the story behind the shop name:
when i was about three years old, i was quite inquisitive. during a busy family get-together one time, my parents, aunts + uncles would reply to my questions the same way...
"may i have some juice?" / "ask lola"
"can you help me tie my shoes?" / "ask lola"
"will you play a game with me?" / "ask lola"
eventually, i caught on, and later that evening when my uncle asked me to hand him a napkin, i cleverly replied, "ASK LOLA!"
Mariel has long been a Friend of C&CC, and when I put out the call for ads earlier this month, she contacted me wanting to promote Ask LOLA—and offered to sponsor a giveaway! And as y'all know, I'm never one to turn down the chance to give something fun away.

One lucky entrant will receive:

An 8-bit heart paper pendant (plus a few other surprise geek goodies)! Super cute, right?

The giveaway rules are as follows:

You get one entry for leaving a comment on this post—tell us what you geek out about the most and what your favorite color is.

You can get additional entries by:
  • Tweeting about the giveaway using the hashtag #askLOLAccc OR posting about the giveaway on your blog. (You can do both, but you'll only get one entry for doing so.)
  • Favoriting Ask LOLA on Etsy.
  • Following Mariel on her blog ( or on Twitter (@marielmohns).

Please leave a separate (nested) comment for each entry, and include your email address in at least one of them so that I can contact you if you're the winner.

This giveaway will close at midnight Sunday, Sept. 9—so get your entries in now!

August 28, 2012

obsessed.: Road trips through small towns

Every year, for work, I take short day trips/overnight trips to various places around Texas. Although I could take superhighways to pretty much everywhere I go, I try to take smaller highways through small towns (if I can get there in the same-ish amount of time and distance).

I grew up in a small town, so driving through these new-to-me places always puts a smile on my face. I love seeing main streets that are going through a revival, and my heart kind of aches when I see the main streets that are still waiting for a benefactor (or 20).

When I drive through these places, I can't help but think of Stars Hollow (the town from The Gilmore Girls). I would absolutely love to someday live in such a town, with such a fantastic cast of characters group of residents to call my neighbors.

I never stop to take actual photos of the places I pass through, but I found a couple of photos online to share. (Thank you, people of the Internet!)

This amazing building can be found in Giddings:


This is main street Navasota:


Brenham's downtown is super cute.


And here's the main square of Stars Hollow, just for fun.