July 31, 2012

obsessed.: Thomas' Corn English Muffins

I know ... I'm supposed to be on that whole lower-carb diet, but breakfast is hard, you guys. I don't have the time (or the want) to get up before I head to work—which I have to be at by 7:30 a.m.—to make anything fancy, so I bring things to work that are easy to prepare and yet aren't too terrible on the healthy eating plan.

I go through cycles in which I get tired of eating yogurt day in and day out, and I love (looooooove) corn muffins, so when I found these bad boys in the grocery the other day, I snatched them up.

Thomas' Corn English Muffins are super tasty (and only 150 calories per muffin). I'm definitely obsessed.

I'll just have find a different meal from which to cut my carbs.

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