July 17, 2012

obsessed.: Overexposed

My feelings on Maroon 5's music have wavered over the years. Loved Songs About Jane. Was pretty meh about It Won't Be Soon Before Long. But when I got a listen of Overexposed ... there's just something about it; I can't stop listening. Consider me obsessed.

I'm sure you've all heard this song:

(This video's totally just Adam's way to be in an action movie. Can't really blame him.)

And here's the first song on the album:

If you like either of these, or have been a Maroon 5 fan in the past, I'd definitely recommend the new album.


  1. I just bought this album on Amazon yesterday (for $4.99!), but have yet to listen to it. After this post, I'm even more excited!

  2. omg! I think I need to buy the album!

    1. If you've got Spotify, you can listen to the whole thing before you get it, just to be sure. :)