July 26, 2012

Nerd News: The Berg, lava planets, Man of Steel teasers and more

Vol. 3, Issue 30

Today's NN is definitely not as large of a post as last week's, but it's got some juicy tidbits contained within. But first ...


When you can breathe again, carry on. (Thanks, Colt!)

In movie news:

A few vids:

The Bourne Legacy


The Life of Pi


Man of Steel


These illustrations do a great job of invoking the feel of TDKR.


In TV news:

Here's a trailer for Red Dwarf X:


Side note: I love that the UK has a TV station called Dave.

They're all so handsome. (Thanks, Colt!)


Hahaha, Britta would totally show up to an Avengers party in DC garb. (Thanks, Jen!)

More Star Trek silliness:


From TGG, in video game news:

This is awesome. More, please. (Thanks, Wes.)



This is fun: Check out the reading lists of your favorite fictional characters.

Rumor of the week: Voldemort will battle Mary Poppins in the opening ceremony of the London Olympics.

Although the faces are a bit strange, I think the character/Greek god mashup idea is neat.


Love these X-Men prints.


And finally, because the feels:



  1. kenneth branagh + chris pine + jack ryan = a completely giddy rebecca!!!!

    HOLY FRAK, RED DWARF!!!!! my entire day has just been made. everything after this is simply icing.

    that phoenix print makes me all sorts of happy. by far my favorite character. felt she was totally botched in x3.

    1. Haha, you're the best. AND I KNOW. X3 is the absolute worst.