July 04, 2012

Haiku Revieu: The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man (***3/4)

Spidey is snarky
Andrew and Emma are cute

DEFINITE SPOILERS AHEAD! I really wanted to like this movie, guys. I really did. The previews were promising, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone totally look the part, and I'm so on board for Peter joining up with the Avengers (regardless of how impossible that might be at the moment). But when I find myself thinking about how much a movie is dragging while I'm in the middle of it, I know it's not going to rate very high up on my list.

The characters were not the problem in this movie, although there might have been too many juggling for attention. Andrew did a good job as Peter (although there were times where I didn't quite believe in his nerdy awkwardness), Emma was lovely and witty as always, and Rhys Ifans did a good job as Dr. Curt Conners. But when the CG was turned on, it was turned on to 11—and that made for distracting viewing. Particularly the first-person scenes. I don't go to the movies to feel like I'm playing a video game. And the look of the Lizard felt totally wrong.

One of the worst parts of the movie was the music. In itself, it wouldn't have been bad, but there were more than a few parts in which it was doing battle with the action and sounding a tad too sweepingly lovely to fit with a masked superhero swinging through New York City.

What did I like, other than the acting? The plot wasn't too bad, although it did drag a bit at times; we got to see some new (to film) characters and story lines. The movie looked really fancy, too.

On the whole, it had a lot I potential, which is why, I think, I'm so disappointed in the way I feel after seeing it.

P.S.—Happy Fourth of July! Be careful with your celebrations, friends.


  1. I haven't seen it but my hopes weren't that high before reading this if I'm honest, I didn't enjoy the other spiderman films and even though I love Andrew and Emma, I just wasn't feeling this one either. I'll prob watch it when it comes out on disc I think...

    1. I thought the first two with Tobey were pretty good, but the third was just terrible. Andrew and Emma together definitely are a redeeming quality of the film—and I love that they're a couple in real life. (Adorable couple is adorable.)

  2. i find this sad, and sadly unsurprising. i haven't seen it yet (we're holding out on our babysitter money for the last batman) but i was hoping for good things since andrew is such a spidey nerd at heart. but everyone seems to be coming away with a 'meh' review. and while i liked the last reboot (except the third which i'd like to pretend didn't happen) i was hoping that this one would have a different enough spin to make it worth while. the best review i've heard so far is that its basically a rip off of the latest spider-man cartoon, which is pretty good, so hopefully i can just think of that...

    1. Is that the cartoon with Agent Coulson? If so ... I'm sad they didn't rip off that portion for the movie.