July 06, 2012

Fictional Fancies: Loki

Since I started this series last week with a post about one of my first fictional fancies, I thought it only right to now feature one of my most recent.

Loki, as we know him from the Marvel movies Thor and The Avengers, is the adopted (stolen?) brother of Thor Odinson (and actual son of Laufey, the king of the Frost Giants). He's out for power in a big way—and doesn't seem to care who he has to step on to get it. (In Norse mythology, his story is a whole lot more convoluted ... particularly that whole Slepnir's mother thing.)

When we first met in 2011, I honestly didn't take much notice of him. Loki was causing mischief for his brother, many other Asgardians and the residents of a small town in New Mexico. I liked him, as one does with any villain who causes the right amount of action and intrigue, but my thoughts at the time were more captivated by the golden demi-god that was Thor.

Silly, silly thoughts. When we met again earlier this year, I had no idea that I'd come out of our second meeting totally enamored by his pasty, leering, greasy-haired self.

Why do I fancy Loki so? He is the villain after all. His brain is a bag of cats; he did kill 80 people in two days; he is adopted*. He's kind of a bastard, really.

Some people might chalk my facination up to me being a stereotypical girl and liking the "bad boy." (Others might say that my fancy for Tom Hiddleston clouds my vision ... and they probably wouldn't be completely off base with this one.) But I think it's the underlying broken qualities of his nature that makes me feel for him most. His evident struggle (in both films) between his lust for power and his need to be loved—by his brother, his father, the people of Earth. Perhaps it's just me, but the scene in The Avengers in which he's thrashed by the Hulk and then proceeds to just lay there for a (long) while makes me think his heart really wasn't into the whole "take over the world" thing.

Although, he is the God of Mischief. He's quite the intelligent character, and could obviously be plotting a bigger picture than any of us are yet aware of. Attempting to take over earth could have merely been a means to an end. Another reason I like him so—you never know what to expect when you're dealing with him.

Also, totally including this fan video, because, well, I DO WHAT I WANT. (And also.)

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*No offense meant to anyone who is adopted, I was merely playing with the line from the movie.


  1. Couldn't. Agree. More. <3

  2. You may have already seen this, but if not... you're welcome.


  3. Definitely have a soft spot for Loki after the Avengers:)