July 31, 2012

obsessed.: Thomas' Corn English Muffins

I know ... I'm supposed to be on that whole lower-carb diet, but breakfast is hard, you guys. I don't have the time (or the want) to get up before I head to work—which I have to be at by 7:30 a.m.—to make anything fancy, so I bring things to work that are easy to prepare and yet aren't too terrible on the healthy eating plan.

I go through cycles in which I get tired of eating yogurt day in and day out, and I love (looooooove) corn muffins, so when I found these bad boys in the grocery the other day, I snatched them up.

Thomas' Corn English Muffins are super tasty (and only 150 calories per muffin). I'm definitely obsessed.

I'll just have find a different meal from which to cut my carbs.

July 30, 2012

Disposable Camera Swap

I received my camera from the Campfire Chic Disposable Camera swap while I was sick, and only a couple of days ago was I able to pick up my photo disk.

Melinda from Life Sans Serif sent me a lovely set of "day in the life" photos. Here are some of my favorites:

Her photos make me miss life in New England (and playing WoW, a little)!

July 27, 2012

Fictional Fancies: Hatter

The date: December 2009. The event: Syfy's Alice miniseries. The outcome: An abiding fancy for a man in an odd straw top hat.

I've long had a love of fairytale adaptations, so when I heard tell of a new miniseries from SyFy based on the story of Alice in Wonderland, I was intrigued. Their Tin Man series was fun; I like the tweaks made to the original story and the gritty feel of a "modern-day" Oz. When I started watching Alice, however, I was quickly (and completely) sucked into the quasi-dystopian Wonderland, in large part because of Hatter, the series' answer to The Mad Hatter. (If you've never seen the series, I highly recommend it. And, if you'd like to watch it and would rather not be spoiled, don't keep reading.)

Hatter (played by Andrew-Lee Potts, whom you might know from Primeval) is your quintessential boy next door with a crush, with a little bit of bad boy thrown in—he is kind of a drug dealer in the beginning of the miniseries, and he's got a mean right hook. He's got a heart of gold, but it's a bit tarnished. He's cute, but not model handsome. He's funny, but it's at times a biting wit. He's got weird quirks, an oddball sense of style, and he can be annoying ... but through all that, he's harboring a deep love and loyalty that—although pulled taut at times—holds strong. Everyone wants that kind of friend in their life, platonic or otherwise.

His romance with Alice is the stuff of hopeless romantic dreams. When Alice—who's actually quite a badass in her own right—throws herself into the crazy, mixed-up world that is Wonderland, she at first connects with Hatter because she needs his help. She definitely doesn't have romance on the mind—she went to Wonderland in the first place because she thought her boyfriend had been kidnapped. Hatter doesn't much care for her either; he's only helping because he thinks it'll help him in the end. But, naturally, a friendship grows from initial animosity, and in the end true love wins out. Throughout the series, Hatter's tough outer shell cracks and then falls away completely, and what's left is the very best of gooey centers.

And that hair!

Parts of Hatter's character actually remind me of Colt, which is why I think I like the both of them so much. They're both strong personalities who can be goofy—often without completely meaning to. They might make you mad from time to time (just being honest!), but in the end there are very few lengths to which they won't go for someone they love.

And as an aside, Hatter's actually the reason this blog is titled Chocolate and Cream Cake. In the series, Hatter is talking to Alice about getting over relationships, and he says: "Trust me, I know a thing or two about liking people. And in time, after much chocolate and cream cake, 'like' turns into 'what was his name again.'" The line rang to me as both bittersweet and a hopeful—and it was a perfect summation of the feelings I was having when changing from my old blog to this one. (If you want to know the longer version of the story, click here.) I thank Hatter for being, if not inspiration, an impetus for making a change that's been nothing but awesome.

Are you interested in sharing a Fictional Fancy of your own? Email me!

July 26, 2012

Nerd News: The Berg, lava planets, Man of Steel teasers and more

Vol. 3, Issue 30

Today's NN is definitely not as large of a post as last week's, but it's got some juicy tidbits contained within. But first ...


When you can breathe again, carry on. (Thanks, Colt!)

In movie news:

A few vids:

The Bourne Legacy


The Life of Pi


Man of Steel


These illustrations do a great job of invoking the feel of TDKR.


In TV news:

Here's a trailer for Red Dwarf X:


Side note: I love that the UK has a TV station called Dave.

They're all so handsome. (Thanks, Colt!)


Hahaha, Britta would totally show up to an Avengers party in DC garb. (Thanks, Jen!)

More Star Trek silliness:


From TGG, in video game news:

This is awesome. More, please. (Thanks, Wes.)



This is fun: Check out the reading lists of your favorite fictional characters.

Rumor of the week: Voldemort will battle Mary Poppins in the opening ceremony of the London Olympics.

Although the faces are a bit strange, I think the character/Greek god mashup idea is neat.


Love these X-Men prints.


And finally, because the feels:


July 25, 2012

Haiku Review: The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises (****)

Lovely Catwoman
Gotham is a total mess
Too many rumors

POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD. Most of the time, when I'm looking forward to a movie, I try to avoid spoilers. I don't watch too many trailers; I attempt to stay away from the rumor mill. (Although I often post these items in Nerd News, I try not to soak them in.) This time, however, I seemed to have failed. I found myself watching TDKR and not really being surprised by the supposed to be surprising bits. It made for a bit of a predictable watch and an extremely predictable ending.

That said, I enjoyed the movie. I really liked Anne Hathaway's Catwoman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's John Blake, and I always enjoy Michael Caine's Alfred. In fact, Alfred brought tears to my eyes during this movie on more than one occasion. I found Bane's voice—not hard to understand—but kind of ridiculous. (Really, where was that accent supposed to be from?)

The story was good, if a little less psychologically scary than that of The Dark Knight (my favorite of the trilogy). I prefer when Bat-villains are a bit disturbing, which Bane might have been had he been hopped up on the Venom serum like he is in some other Bat canon. Overall, it had a pretty happy ending, too, which is always nice when you come to the end of a trilogy in which you've invested in the characters.

I have also come to realize that I prefer my action with a decent-sized helping of humor along with it (à la The Avengers, The Expendables, etc.). The few one-liners in TDKR that were meant to be funny (I guess?) fell flat. I'm just a fan of the quips, what can I say.

July 24, 2012

obsessed.: Superwhoavengetorchlock

This video, you guys.

There are not enough italics in the world to explain just how obsessed. I am with this idea.

(Thanks ever so much, Rebecca!)

July 23, 2012

Haiku Revieu: Brave

This is one of two Haiku Revieus that'll go up this week. I'm playing catch up from being sick!

Brave (****)

Red-headed princess
Overbearing mother bear
Watch what you wish for

POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD. It took me a while to get to this movie, but when I did, I quite enjoyed it; I've long been a fan of Disney, especially their "princess movies." This was no exception. Merida is a strong female character, which is always good to see, and it was set in Scotland—the accents were super fun to listen to and the scenery was lovely (even if it was animated). One of my favorite parts, however, was when the three little brothers turned into cubs. Good grief, they were almost too adorable. And Merida's hair! I want.

One of my only complaints was the lack of distinct villain. I suppose I'm just used to princess movies with evil witches/stepmothers/etc. There's a witch in Brave, of course, but Merida's not really battling her; she's battling her own poor decisions. But, as I'm sure we all know, each of us can be our own worst enemy. It definitely worked in this movie, particularly because of Merida's age. Teenagedom can be so hard and so full of rash choices.

I definitely look forward to sharing this movie with my daughter (if I have one) in the future.

July 20, 2012

Fictional Fancies: Ned (The Pie Maker)

Today's Fictional Fancy comes to us from Tish, who blogs about baking, movies and more at TishChambers.com. I'm so glad she offered to write an FF on Ned ... I mean, how can anyone resist the allure of the Pie Maker?

I started watching Pushing Daisies in the same way I'm sure a lot of people did. I saw the promos for a colorful, cute, quirky show by Bryan Fuller (whose Dead Like Me I had already been introduced to) and started to watch it every week. I, and my friends, enjoyed it for its two seasons until, like Fuller's previous series Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls, it was abruptly cancelled. There's one big reason why I've been re-watching this series in the years since it went off air; Pushing Daisies' main character, Ned (aka The Pie Maker).

Portrayed by the delightfully charming and deliciously handsome Lee Pace, Ned has the special gift of being able to bring the dead back to life with just one touch. The catch? One touch: Alive again. Second touch: Dead forever. This becomes an issue when first, PI Emerson Cod sees Ned's "gift" in action and convinces Ned to become partners in solving murders in order to collect the reward money, and then, when that job leads him to the dead body of his beloved childhood sweetheart, Charlotte "Chuck" Charles. Ned can't bear to touch Chuck a second time, letting her die again, so he lets her live. And thus begins one of the greatest love stories of our generation (or maybe just of my television viewing.)

Aside from navigating a world as an "alive-again" and hiding her resurrection from her Aunts who raised her, Chuck is now under the care of her childhood sweetheart, Ned, who she cannot touch, lest she die. But, hey—every relationship has its obstacles, right? Ned and Chuck navigate this relationship obstacle by being the cutest couple ever. They announce "coming" or "going" as they walk around corners in Ned's small apartment. They fall asleep in separate beds staring into each others' eyes. They hold hands "by proxy" (each holding one of Emerson's hands, much to his dismay). They even on occasion kiss through plastic wrap. Are we swooning at the cuteness, yet? Despite never being able to hold his beloved, he finds many creative ways to show Chuck how much he loves her. The biggest way is helping Chuck's grieving aunts by bringing them pies and, with Chuck's guidance, encouraging them to get back in the water (literally—they are a retired synchronized swimming act). Ned also installs a divider with a glove into the front seat of his car, so that they can both sit in the front seat together, and even hold hands! He builds a bee hive community on his building's roof so Chuck can have her beloved bees that, among many other things, she had to give up when she started her new life. Ned does all this sweetness for his love while sporting just-tight-enough t-shirts, sexy suits and the occasional costume, grinning out the side of his mouth, and generally making every girl watching fall in love with his adorableness.

Watching Pushing Daisies can be heart-wrenching, as I end up clasping my hands together up to my chest and "Awwww!!!"-ing at nearly everything Ned does. Is this not every girl's perfect man? He's a perfect mix of cute-hot-handsome. He's sweet and innocent but not naive. He never stops showing Chuck how much she means to him, even without being able to ever touch her. And let's not forget—he's The Pie Maker; he is the owner of The Pie Hole, the cutest pie shop in the world. I imagine being his girlfriend would consist of a lot of delicious pie, stolen kisses in the storeroom, loving glances from across the counter, and ... well, you don't want to know what I would do with him if I had him alone ...

Now, if you'll excuse me, I think it's time to watch Pushing Daisies for the umpteenth time ... *Swoon*

Thanks so much to Tish for writing this up! If you're interested in sharing a Fictional Fancy of your own, email me!