June 26, 2012

obsessed.: Tabletop gaming

Colt and I are definite homebodies, so when we find things to entertain us without us having to leave the comforts of our apartment, it's always a good thing. We like to play board games, but there's only so many times we can play Monopoly or Cribbage before they get a little monotonous.

In April, Geek and Sundry introduced Tabletop, a video series on which Wil Wheaton and friends play a variety of (often nerdy) board and card games. This series has introduced Colt (and me by proxy) to a variety of new games we can play with each other and with friends.

Our new favorite games include:

Settlers of Catan

Colt's been a fan of this game for a while, but only recently have I started playing.



We actually played the Axe Cop version.

Cards Against Humanity

This is a card game à la Apples to Apples, but it is terribly inappropriate. And astoundingly hilarious.

We've also been playing pass-and-play Ticket to Ride on our iPhones.

I'd recommend all of these games to anyone who's a fan of such pursuits!


  1. Um... we need to schedule another Game Night soon!!!!

  2. I've played all of these except Smallword (which looks pretty cool), and would give them a definite thumbs up. You should also check out Munchkins expansion packs (Munchkin Fu is my favorite) and Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot, which also has a bunch of hilarious expansions.

    1. We'll have to check those out! Thanks. :)

  3. Catan and Munchkin are classics in our family, as well. I've also been obsessed with tabletop games and have been watching all of Wil's episodes and have been wanting to buy ALL THE GAMES. I wish we had game night friends here :(

    Another card game you should check out is Bohnanza. I never thought bean harvesting/trading would be so fun!!! :)

    1. Awesome, we'll look into that. And next time we have a game night, I'll be sure to invite you guys! :) (Where's that transporter when we need it, right?)