June 19, 2012

obsessed.: GrabZags Avengers blind bag toys

If you follow me on Instagram (If not—I'm mandyannecurtis), you've probably noticed a recent influx of adorableness in the form of various mini!Avengers. (You're welcome.) The cutest by far? The little minifigs that come in the GrabZags blind bags.

I first ran across the existence of these little dudes thanks to Tumblr. I immediately knew that I needed a complete set (even if one of the most important pieces of the Avengers puzzle is missing  ... *sniff*). The post I found said that they were sold at Walgreens. There are plenty of Walgreens near my house, so I stopped on the way home. No dice. So I went to another. Again, no dice. The biggest problem seems to be that other people have found out about these guys, too, (they have been available since April, I believe) and have dug through the Walgreens seasonal aisle before I could get the chance. The other issue? There are three types of toys you can get in the bags—the minifigs, a tiny skateboard and some sort of little disk launcher. (Who cares about those last two, amirite?)

Over the weekend, I stopped at two more stores. I found one bag with a Hawkeye figurine inside.

He's adorable, for sure. But, as you all know, I'm easily obsessed. And that means that I had to find them all.

I stopped at three more Walgreens over the course of today—I know, I'm a bit ridiculous—and when I had almost given up, I found an entire box of these little bags of gold. I went through the box and pulled out eight bags that I was pretty sure held my little friends inside.

Turns out—I'd found what I think was a brand new box. While we were opening the bags, we kept thinking, this can't be happening. When Colt got to the eighth and final bag, I said, "That can't be Nick Fury ..." And, lo and behold, it was.

We're now the proud owners of an entire set of these guys—and I can now stop hitting up any and every Walgreens I see.

If you could see me right now, you'd be seeing my very happy face.

P.S.—If you're interested in finding these guys and are unable to find GrabZags in a Walgreens store near you, try Toys-R-Us? I've read they're sold there too.

If you don't have luck at either, but still want some adorable!Avengers, check out your local Target. They have these Avengers Chibis in bags near the Pokemon, Baseball and Magic cards. And—AND—this set has Coulson!


  1. Thank you so much for your review! - GrabZags

  2. Ohmygoodness! There is something about miniature, cartoonish figurines that just makes me so happy!! :)