June 20, 2012

Lusting after ...

Lately, my (browser) window shopping has been a lot of Avengers stuff, it seems, but there have been a few other things that have caught my eye, too, including:

This amazing "taxidermy" head.

(I'd much rather have this on my walls than something with actual eyes.)

This pretty (badass) purse.

(It's hot pink. And it's got brass knuckles as handles. 'Nuff said.)

This ring.

(LOVE the color of the stone.)

These sweet studs.

(They'd add a nice bit of spice to my current diamond stud sweetness.)

This stuffie.


This lunch kit.

(R2 would make our office fridge so much more fun.)

These wedges.

(Are they cool? Ridiculous? I can't quite decide.)

These dock shoes.

(Forever sequins.)

These sweet sneaks.

(I didn't say there wouldn't be any Avengers stuff included in this post, now did I.)

These ADORABLE plushies.

(I don't really need to explain these, do I?)

This shirt.

(The "P.S." text underneath the last image really makes it. Check the link if you can't make it out; I couldn't find a larger image.)

This toy.

(The Helicarrier is certainly worthy of representation in our Avengers collection.)

And this ring.

(Oh, em, geeze.)

What's caught your eye in the past month?


  1. Love the unicorn head, love the Loki ring and love the bright pink bag:) awesome collection!

    1. Thanks, Monique! Let's go shopping together sometime, yes? :)

  2. Great post! There are actually a few items on here that I have previously seen and wanted. The unicorn head, the snake ring, the earrings and the t-shirt would all be happily accepted by this girl. ;)

    1. This is why we're such good friends. <3

  3. I was going to place my vote for the hot pink purse (I mean come on - brass knuckle handles?!?!) but then I saw the lunch kit, and that was that.