May 16, 2012

My two favorite Avengers

I know, I know. Neither of these people are actually Avengers. But Loki and Agent Coulson are my two favorite people in the movie, so I had to pay homage.

Someday—soon, hopefully—I'll get around to putting these graphics on shirts.

This one still needs a little work—tying the thickness of the lines in the hands to the face.

I made an alternate version of this one with the idea of putting "I am the bad guy." centered on the front and "I am the god of mischief." larger on the back. I'm not sure which I like better; thoughts?

I also think it would be fun to try and sell these shirts, but since I "borrowed" the base images from the Internets, I'm not sure I could.


  1. I wish you could sell these! I'd take the Coulson one in a heartbeat! I love it!!!

    1. Thanks! And I'll see what I can do ... :D