May 23, 2012

Lusting after ...

There are always new things popping up on the Internets that are totally lustworthy. What's caused my heart to race lately?

This stunning shade of nailpolish.

(It glows.)

This celestial print dress.

And these celestial leggings.

(Loving the space prints!)

This ring.

(And space in general. This ring is made from meteorite! It's also more than $4,200)

This ridiculously detailed Loki figurine.

(It's so realistic—minus the spare hands—it's almost scary.)

This awesome Avengers shirt.

(We Love Fine features some seriously cool designs.)

These pretty grey bags. (Cookie, Parcel)

(Grey is my favorite neutral.)

This bright clutch.

(Still can't get enough neon.)

This bag.

(Grey and neon? Natch.)

These sunglasses.

(Made in Portland and out of wood. Can't resist the lure!)

And these studs.

(Druzy still calls my name, especially when it's the color of my birthstone.)

What things have you been lusting after lately?


  1. These Pac-Man tables:

  2. that neon and grey purse is awesome!
    i wish i had an extra 5k laying around cause that ring is awesome!
    WHY DOES LOKI NEED CHANGEABLE HANDS!!!??? that level of detail is overkill and yet amazing at the same time. wow.
    as far as my lust
    this mama ring:
    these bracelets made from knitting needles:
    and these bracelets made from mango trees:
    among others...

    1. Those are awesome things, Rebecca! That mama ring is uber sweet.

  3. that neon and grey purse is amazing indeed! and the shade of blue you highlighted (in the nail varnish and the druzy) is just gorgeous!

    1. This sounds weird, but I really love that such color exists, and that my eyes/brain can see it.

  4. I know everyone loves the neon and grey purse, but I forbid it. It looks like a Cerberus purse and those guys are not your friends.

    1. Haha, too true, friend. Too true.

      If I were to get it, I would have to put a Cerberus logo on it, natch.