April 16, 2012

Monscellany: Dapper gents and #photoadayapril

I find Chris Evans in this photo from the Avengers premiere very attractive*.

I wonder why ...

Gotta love a dapper suited gent with a buzzed haircut and beard!


Are you participating in #photoadayapril? I am! I skipped March because I was working on 30 Days of Lists, but I'm back in it this month.


Hope you all have a great Monday! Oh, and a very happy birthday to TGG!

*Not that he's not attractive at other times as well, mind you.


  1. I failed at March, and I'm skipping April because I have about a thousand papers to write... see you in May (on instagram, that is)?

    1. I wish I could say I'd see you (in person)! Someday ...