April 13, 2012

Geek of the Week: Meet Mark

What's your name?
Mark Miller

Where are you from?
Originally: Gahanna, Ohio. Currently: Austin, TX.

What does it mean to you to be a geek/nerd?
To me it means being really passionate about something. There are all different kinds of geeks/nerds but those of us that embrace the words as a lifestyle tend to be into things that are outside the mainstream. Things that we may have hidden as kids and teens but display proudly now that we're adults.

What are 2–5 things you're particularly passionate about?
Comics, both print and web.
Gaming, both video and pen and paper.
Raising a geek/nerd kid.
Ed. note: Y'all met Mark's son Mason last week.

Why are you passionate about these things?
Comics, superhero books in general, were a huge part of my childhood and helped form a lot of how I see things. They continue to be a big part of my life as an adult.

I love to cook because it fuses art and science and often includes bacon. Learning to cook really well has been one of the most rewarding nerdy endeavors in my life.

Gaming and movies sort of scratch the same itch for me. It's fun to get lost in a story for a few hours at a time and not think too much about what's going on outside of that story.

Raising a geeky/nerdy kid is super important as well. One of the most important things I can teach my son is that it's OK to be who you are and like what you like, no matter what others might think. He's lucky though since he's growing up in the Age of the Nerd.

Do you have any special or hidden talents?
Well, like I said before, I am a good cook. I love to go out of my way to make as much from scratch as possible, despite it being needlessly complicated sometimes.

I also enjoy drawing, painting (though I haven't painted in a long time), and writing.
Ed. note: I can attest for Mark's skills in the kitchen. Colt and I want to move in.

What was your favorite book/movie/TV show/other from 2011?

What book/movie/TV show/other are you most looking forward to in 2012?
Sherlock and Community

Do you have a "go-to" karaoke/Rock Band song? What is it?
I don't play Rock Band (I'm terrible at it) or sing karaoke (there's not enough booze in the world) but if I did it would be "Making Love Out of Nothing at All" by Air Supply. Yes, I'm serious. Don't judge me. It's one of the few song that I know ALL of the lyrics to and could sing without the help of the little karaoke computer.

What are three websites you like to visit every day?

Do you have a blog/website/Twitter name/etc. that you'd like to share?
My Twitter is @mrkmllr.

Mark's bonus questions:

What item of food are you most proud of learning to cook? What's your favorite item to cook?
Tough one. I've eaten a lot of food across the country that just isn't well represented in Texas so I've tried to recreate a lot of that. Chicago Style Beef and Deep Dish Pizza are probably the two that I feel are the closest to perfect. Barbecue, particularly the pork-based variety, has been another priority for me since I think Texas barbecue is pretty awful.

I don't really have a favorite item to cook, but I like to cook comfort food. Stuff that fills you up and makes you feel good.

What do you think Sherlock and John would think of the Community study group?
This may be one of the nerdiest things that has even been asked of me … other than the "who would win" fights when I worked in a comic book store. I think John would see value in it. He would think it was pretty normal, if not slightly silly. He would also likely caution Troy and Abed from hanging out together too much or their friends and the general public may start to question their sexuality.

Sherlock, on the other hand, would find everyone but Abed absurd. He and Abed clearly suffer from the same condition (cough ... Asperger's ... cough), it's just applied in different ways. If you think about it, they really compliment each well. One knows everything practical and the other everything impractical and both require a friend to help them see the world like normal people. I would argue though, that John is superior to Troy in every way…except maybe krumping.
Ed. note: I'd really, really like to see John Watson krump.

Thanks, Mark, for being a Geek of the Week!

If you'd like to be a future GotW, please email me.