April 02, 2012

#30 Lists: 12-30

I finished up with 30 Days of Lists last Friday; here are my lists 12 through 30.

#12: Superpowers I'd like to have
  • teleportation, and the ability to go long distances, not just little hops
  • telekinesis—I'd take lazy to a whole new level
  • Superior Autobiographical Memory—which actually exists!
  • super healing + metabolism

#13: 10 years ago, I ...
  • was 18 and in my freshman year of college
  • was still thinking of becoming an astronaut, so still majoring in mechanical engineering (and not loving it)
  • re-connected with my high school sweetheart ... for the first time

#14: Tools and toys to try
  • the Yudu I've had for years
  • the Silhouette Cameo I got from my last birthday ... I've made a few items, but have yet to really put it through its paces
  • a soldering iron
  • a kit to turn a typewriter into an iPad dock

#15: Overheard today
  • "Got the wireless password ... all the way from Virginia." "Langley?" "No, not Langley."
  • a lot of "hellos," "heys," "good mornings" and "thank yous"—I work in a very respectful office
  • "I have no idea what he's saying."

#16: Pet peeves
  • emails sent with high importance (!) that aren't
  • people who tailgate while driving
  • one-uppers
  • grammar errors, such as alot/a lot, your/you're, their/there/they're
  • people who talk with their mouths full of food
  • the use of the word gay to mean stupid
  • bad hair days

#17: Favorite days of the year
  • October 23rd—our wedding anniversary and the anniversary of the day we first started dating
  • our birthdays—March 23 (Colt), Dec. 12 (Mandy), Jan. 12 (Mollie), Feb. 15 (Mal)
  • Christmas!
  • any day that involved family, friends and fun!

#18: Family traditions
  • listening to John Denver and the Muppets every Christmas morning (on repeat!)
  • celebrating every 23rd, at least a little
  • putting DVDs in stockings
  • silly Easter baskets filled with more than just candy

#19: Dear Austin drivers, you can make me happy in the following ways
  • don't be such giant d-bags on such a frequent basis
  • learn to use your turn signals properly
  • realize that the rule on car lengths is a rule for a reason
  • don't worry so much—it's just rain!

#20: Favorite memories
  • my wedding day
  • the day Colt proposed
  • Christmas mornings with my mom and dad
  • the day we got to meet Eden, our niece
  • our camping trip to Marfa last summer (even though the town is lame!)

#21: With an extra hour in the day, I would ...
  • tackle my giant to-do/want-to-do lists
  • sleep—that is, if my ever-so-noisy cat would let me
  • play ME3
  • read!
  • learn how to read music
  • catch up on my blog reading

#22: My care package
  • multiple bags of Swedish Fish
  • a box of Tazo Earl Grey tea
  • magazines like Bust, Lucky and Crochet Today
  • Burt's Bees pink grapefruit chap stick
  • nail polish
  • Cadbury's mini eggs

#23: Confessions
  • I like Brussel sprouts.
  • I have tweezed my eyebrows at work.
  • I don't floss or exercise as much as I should even though I know better.
  • I want to be a cosplayer.

#24: I am famous for ...
  • the green beans with bacon vinaigrette I make at Thanksgiving/Christmas
  • being in the know on the latest pop-culture news
  • my (ever-growing) collection of nail polish
  • not being a good secret keeper for my husband

#25: Title options for my autobiography
  • Mandy Curtis: A Small Town Girl Living in a Nerdy World 
  • Yes, I Am Named After Spock's Mom
  • 28 Going on 14
  • Pop-Culture Poseur
  • Now This is a Story All About How, My Life Got Flipped, Turned Upside Down

#26: My morning routine (on the weekdays)
  • alarm goes off at 6—hit snooze at least once
  • shower
  • get dressed
  • make coffee and put together my food for the day
  • make sure the animals have food/water
  • go to work

#27: If I could do it over again ...
  • I'd learn how to read music and speak another language
  • I'd try to be more outgoing and friendly
  • I'd figure a way to be an editor, astronaut and CIA agent
  • I'd triple check the placement of the Millennium Falcon

#28: My last meal would include:
  • a huge salad—I honestly really like salad
  • steak, or fall-off-the-bone ribs
  • mashed potatoes and gravy
  • buttermilk pie
  • or, it would be a variety of Chinese dishes (the Americanized versions)

#29: Songs that make me want to dance
  • "Moves Like Jagger"
  • "Great DJ"
  • "Haven't Met You Yet"
  • anything by 'N Sync or early Panic! At The Disco
  • a whole bunch of the Glee covers ...

#30: To my future self:
  • I apologize for not exercising more
  • You're welcome for the nerdy T-shirt collection
  • More tattoos are totally OK by me
  • Never grow up, even if you have to grow older
  • I bet it's only gotten better, right?

P.S.-Happy April!


  1. I love the last list. And brussel sprouts. :o)

    1. Thank you! And I'm so glad I'm not alone in my teeny cabbage love. :)