March 20, 2012

obsessed.: John Mayer's music

I've long been a fan of John Mayer's music. In my freshman year of high school, I went to a concert of his kind of on a whim—a high school friend of mine had been talking him up for months, but I hadn't really taken the opportunity to check him out. The concert was at a tiny, somewhat seedy club in Northhampton, Mass. John sang songs from Room for Squares, and all ridiculous O faces aside, I was instantly obsessed.

Since then, I've been to two more concerts and have—for the most part—enjoyed the subsequent albums. I miss the days when he'd make up funny intros to his songs in concert, but with success comes professionalism, I suppose?

This is one of my favorites from back in the day:

"Your Body is a Wonderland (Count Chocula Version)"

His new album, Born and Raised, will be released in May, but yesterday I ran across the first single from it on Spotify:

Another great song, Mr. Mayer.

But would you quit stealing Johnny Depp's style? There's really only one John who can pull that off, and his last name starts with a D.

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