March 12, 2012

#30Lists 1-11

Here is my journal for this month's 30 Days of Lists and the first 11 lists. Sorry about the quality of some of these photos ... I really do need to take some sort of class to up my photography game!

#1: Challenges to accept
  • #30 Lists (obvi.)
  • exercising (again) on a much more frequent basis
  • reading more via the Forever Free Book Club
  • a 30 before 30 list (I've got ~640 more days to go!)
  • finish all my WIP projects before starting more

#2: This month's goals
  • stick to a diet (for the most part)
  • read my books for Forever Free in a timely manner
  • check off a bunch of to-dos
  • finish season 1 and start (and finish?) season 2 of Downton Abbey
  • plan something fun for Colt's 28th

#3: Recipe for a perfect weekend
  • sleeping in until at least 8-9
  • time spent on the couch with Colt, Mollie and Mal
  • brunch out
  • catching up with the week's missed shows
  • coffee in a favorite mug
  • a fresh breeze

#4: Things I'll put off until tomorrow (or later)
  • weekly chat with my dad (due to us both being sickly)
  • a large trip to the grocery store
  • shaving my legs (every other day is acceptable, right?)
  • planning my SXSW Interactive schedule (it's intimidating!)

#5: Words to live by
  • "I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream."—V. van Gogh
  • "Do one thing every day that scares you."—E. Roosevelt
  • "It's never too late to be what you might have been."—G. Elliot

More @Pinterest: mandyannecurtis/good-thoughts

(I have part of the second and third quotes tattooed on the insides of each of my wrists. You can see them here.)

#6: Things to collect
  • red phones
  • nerdy T-shirt
  • Star Wars toys and memorabilia
  • Japanese felt deer figurines
  • funky art of the nautical variety/ w/whales
  • <3 of family, friends and furry things 

I am inspired by ...
  • people who've given up money/status to do what they love
  • Pinterest!
  • my friends and family
  • my shower—I often get my best thinking done in there
  • "popular bloggers" 

#8: I need to say no to ...
  • junk food/candy/fast food
  • taking on too many projects at once
  • more than one coffee per day
  • buying things that are "cute" or "on sale" just because they are 

#9: Happy places
  • my home, particularly the library
  • Comic Con
  • cuddled under blankets with the boy, the dog and the cat
  • the Northeast in the autumn (the colors!)
  • Disneyland

#10: Today was awesome because ...
  • I was attending panels at SXSW Interactive
  • I got to play tourist in my town
  • I got to play Mass Effect 3
  • I wore my huge Doc Martens—they always make me feel hardcore 

#11: Right now I am ...
  • eating pita chips and hummus
  • trying to decide what color to paint my nails
  • a little confused about what time it is vs. what time it feels like
  • tired and a little cranky


  1. What colour did you go for (List #11)?

    How was SXSW? You're going to be blogging it, right?

    1. I went with Stone Cold from the China Glaze Hunger Games collection. It's a pretty charcoal matte. I added triangles of top coat for interest. Unfortunately, I forgot basecoat, so they looked awesome for all of an hour. :P

      It was good, but long. I will probably post some thoughts soon. :)

  2. I think I commented on flickr about how much I love this minimalist style for your lists. It's classy ;)