February 06, 2012

Renter's Delight: The Murtis, Part 2

Hello everyone! I hope this finds you having had a great weekend. I wasn't feeling well yesterday due in part, possibly, to my overexerting myself on a Jillian Michaels DVD ... after two months of laziness, I should probably have started out on a bit of an easier workout. But I digress.

Here are more pictures of our place! Most of these are from my favorite room of the house, decor-wise.

The library/office/guest room/craft room:

(I am purposefully not showing you the fourth corner of the room, as that is where we're going to hang our bikes and (possibly) my ridiculous bag collection. As of now, it's not done. I'll post pictures when it is.)

The hallway "nook":

The bathroom:

Check back Wednesday for an exciting ... something ... inspired by the completion of the library!


  1. i love the over the toilet shelving. cute idea.

    1. Thanks! I actually have a huge scar on my knee from when I put them up in the previous apartment ... Porcelain, when broken, is very sharp. Suffice it to say, I was much more careful this time around. :)