February 21, 2012

obsessed.: Temple Run

I didn't grow up with video games, so I am not really any good at any of them, regardless of platform. (Mass Effect is a rare exception—I've only ever completed two games in my entire life and they were Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2.)

I also have very little patience for games that I'm really not good at from the get-go, and I tend to lose interest pretty quickly (through no real fault of any game). That said, I cannot resist the allure of at least trying out the latest craze. And the latest craze in The Murtis is the iPhone game Temple Run.

The game involves a lot of running, jumping, sliding and collecting of coins. And man, are we ever obsessed.

Best of all, the game is free! Download it for yourself—and if you happen to be a natural, please spare my fragile ego and just keep that to yourself.

Do you have Temple Run? Want to see how poorly I do? Add me (mandustries) in the Game Center!

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