February 07, 2012

obsessed.: Superbowl commercials

Although I spent a few hours with Lost Girl this weekend rather than watching the big game, I can never resist the allure of said big game's commercials.

There were plenty of round-ups yesterday—like these from The Mary Sue, io9 and BuddyTV—but I figured I'd share a few of my favorites. You know, since I can.

Movie trailers, of course, will be posted in NN on Thursday.

Gotta love dogs on a mission ... 

(Thanks to Marm for sending me the full version of this last week.)

Colt showed me this one as soon as he got home.

I bet you can tell why I enjoyed this one. *cough*1:30*cough*

And this long version of the OK Go Chevy commercial is just awesomesauce.

Other honorable mentions: The Audi Vampire one and the Pepsi one with Elton John (if only for his shoes.)

Do you have a favorite commercial from this weekend's big sportsball* event?

*Thanks to the Miller family for this most excellent of terms.


  1. i had not seen the nbc commercial- that was pretty fantastic.
    the ok go! is probably my favorite, but my next favwould be the commercial for the voice- if only because betty white is a bad ass and nothing is better than xtina getting thrown through a wall :)

    1. I haven't seen the one for The Voice. I shall have to find it. :)