February 28, 2012

obsessed.: Actors who can sing (well)

It's probably no surprise that I love musicals. Through my love of musicals, I've often become enamored with people with multiple talents, particularly those actors who can also sing (well) and who aren't really musicians in the typical actor-"slash"-musician sense.

Ewan McGregor was my first love of this sort, and I first found out about his (and Nicole Kidman's) talent via Moulin Rouge.

I then proceeded to search out every movie he's ever sung in—Down With Love, Little Voice and Velvet Goldmine to name a few. I would absolutely love if he were ever to record a full album.

Other excellent examples of this:

Joaquin Phoenix (and Reese Witherspoon) in Walk the Line

(This was, of course, before he went all nutty.)

Garret Hedlund (and Gwyneth Paltrow, although she's not in this clip) in Country Strong

Anne Hathaway in Ella Enchanted

And most recently, Darren Criss (who shouldn't really count, since he's long done musicals ... but Blaine Anderson is just so dreamy!) in Glee.

I'm pretty positive that all of these stars need to share the love and spread some of their ample talents around.


  1. i've recently become obsessed with the voices of matt bomer and zachary levi. they are both super dreamy and have lovely voices. i've talked elijah into loving the movie 'tangled' just so i can listen to zachary sing.

    1. Great additions to the list. Zachary Levi really is great in Tangled. :)

    2. we listen to the soundtrack in the car. it makes me happy. you can hear how smarmy he is when he sings. fantastic.