February 29, 2012

Lusting after ...

Winter is not very slowly turning into Spring in this part of the country, and with Spring comes the fever—for new, fresh things!

So what, exactly, is my cow bell* lately?

These chairs.

(They'd look adorable on our balcony.)

These branch hangers.

(I do need a way to hang all of my purses ...)

This humidifier.

(We need one, it's a cute design, what's not to like?)

This rug.

(It would be perfect for our kitchen.)

This jerky.

(It's jerky + bacon. I need say no more.)

This teapot.

(I've already got a mug to match.)

This nailpolish set.


(Plus the other collection, too! A-England polishes are stunning.)

This hat.

(Typically, hats like this look awful on me. But this one's actually kind of cute.)

These earrings.


This pin.

(28 years of Christmases and I've yet to get a real unicorn.)

This wallet.

(These ladies are my version of the Disney Princesses. Although, hold on—where's Rogue?!)

This bag.

(Xavier's is my fictional school of choice.)

This bag.

(For those undercover days.)

These flats.

(TOMS are super versatile and uber comfortable.)

These wedges.

(Sexy and practical.)

This top.

(I really like the lacy accents.)

And this top.

(Polka dots are another weakness of mine.)

What's caught your eye lately?

*I do hope you all got the reference.


  1. That R2-D2 rug is killing me. So cute.

    And of course I got the reference! :)

  2. Love the sleek and sexy humidifier. I have the Hello Kitty one by that company, Crane. :)
    And, of course, I love the TARDIS teapot. I want to start drinking tea like the Brits do. :)

    1. Tea out of teapots, rather than out of cups, is just so fancy, right? :)

  3. um seriously where IS rogue?
    and i love that rug. if i didn't already have one in both of the boys rooms this would have to go in there.

    1. She's a lone wolf, that Rogue.

      Do you already have a rug for your bedroom? Because I could see it fitting in well in there. ;)

  4. Love the rug and the unicorn pin!