February 24, 2012

Geek of the Week: Meet Rebecca

What's your name?

Where are you from?
Originally Dallas [TX], currently Round Rock

What does it mean to you to be a geek/nerd?
To have an extreme love of something that others may/may not understand. It might seem uncool, but you love it anyway.

What are 2–5 things you're particularly passionate about?
Star Wars, Doctor Who, reading, video games, my kids.

Why are you passionate about these things?
Star Wars—because it was the first thing my brothers and I could agree on. RotJ was the first movie they ever took me to see. And because (in it's original form) it's pure fun.

Doctor Who—I got sucked in and, even if I wanted to, there is no way out.

Reading—I love all types of books—histories, biographies, young adult, horror ... because sometimes it's nice to live in someone else's world.

Video games—They're like books I can participate in. :)

My kids—If you knew them you would understand. Even if they weren't mine, I'd think they were pretty freaking awesome. (I type sitting next to my 3-year-old who is wearing a Darth Vader shirt and trying to teach his 7-month-old brother about Stormtroopers.)

Do you have any special or hidden talents?
I have painted murals in peoples' homes and continue to paint when I have the money for supplies. I also sing on a regular basis and have performed at Epcot Center.

(Ed. note: How gorgeous is this?!)

What was your favorite book/movie/TV show/other from 2011?
I'll say doctor who because I just started watching for the first time in October.

What book/movie/TV show/other are you most looking forward to in 2012?
Despite my love of Darth Maul, he cannot counter act the horror of Jar Jar so I'm gonna say The Hobbit.

Do you have a "go-to" karaoke/Rock Band song? What is it?
Sara Bareilles' "Gravity" usually ends up on the list.

What are three websites you like to visit every day?
pinterest.com (it's a sickness), teemagnet.com (making me broke one shirt at a time), themarysue.com (where I get my Nerd News when it's not Thursday)

Do you have a blog/website/Twitter name/etc. that you'd like to share?

Any additional comments or thoughts?
Thanks for bringing all this geek love together!

Rebecca's bonus questions:

Who's your favorite Doctor Who companion and why?
Probably Donna. Because she's most like the kind of companion I think I would be. Middle aged :), able to do investigation on my own ("Partners in Crime" episode), be able to help him be compassionate ("The Fires of Pompeii" episode), and pretty damn snarky (... any time she talks, for the most part). I would be a good friend to the Doctor without wanting to become romantically involved (I'm looking at you Martha Jones). Though, I would not have been nearly as cool about having a giant bug on my back ("Turn Left" episode).
(Ed. note: Donna's long been my favorite for these reasons ... although I'll freely admit that I'd have an issue not being attracted to Ten.)

If one of your sons were to one day announce that they didn't like Star Wars, how would you react?
Since Elijah is pretty much obsessed already, I'm gonna address this as if it were Micah not liking it. I admit I would be a little sad and disappointed, because it's played such a large role in my life—between bonding with my brothers, my best friends and Elijah, I would hate to miss out on that kind of nerdy relationship with Micah. It's something that my husband isn't really into so it's like a special language I get to speak with Elijah and I would love for Micah to join us in our dorktastic ways. If he does hate it, hopefully he will love something that I can relate to and we can have that is just for us ... I'm screwed if it's sports and math ...

Thanks, Rebecca, for being a Geek of the Week!

If you'd like to be a future GotW, please email me.


  1. hmmm... this girl looks familiar... :D :D :D

  2. she should, you've been stalking her children for years. :)

  3. thanks again mandy, this has been super fun!

  4. This is a really fun read! Thanks Rebecca (and Mandy of course).

    I have to admit being more of an Amy Pond-wannabe... perhaps because I know my husband would kill me if I went off travelling time & space with the Doctor without him!

    1. Ah, Fiona. You've hit the nail on the head there. Colt would certainly be more than a little miffed at me as well. ;)

    2. if only i could get my husband to start watching doctor who... until then, i'll run off with the doctor and he can stay home and watch the kids :)