January 31, 2012

obsessed.: Nathan Barnatt and his Dances Moves

I'd like you all to meet Nathan Barnatt, my new Internet boyfriend. Colt introduced the two of us late last week.

There's something about his Dances Moves that are just irresistible.

Seriously, though, how hilarious are these videos? The dude can dance, even when he's being/looking ridiculous.

Here's another video that ties in with last week's obsessed.:

And yes, your eyes are not deceiving you—Barnatt is Hungry Eyes.


  1. I love him! My brother-in-law is friends with him and he cracks us up!! Have you seen his Trale Lewous Ski-tells (Skittles)commercials? Ha!

    1. That is awesome! And I just today watched one of the Skittles commercials. Too funny. :)

  2. that was seriously amazeballs. and if my webcam were working i would send you a video of micah watching this. he was like a giggling maniac, jumping up and down.