January 24, 2012

obsessed.: Music mashups

I've long been a fan of cover songs, particularly ones that change up the original to make something interesting and new, which is why I'm also particularly fond of mashups. Recently, Colt's been finding some great new (to me) ones and I've been reminded of my love of this style of song.

The first mashup I can remember paying attention to is Party Ben's "Boulevard of Broken Songs."

(Check out Party Ben's website for many, many more.)

Colt introduced me to White Panda and Milkman this past week.

Last week's Glee featured a really great one, too. (You all know how I feel about "Moves Like Jagger." And Artie.)

Lastly, DJ Earworm has, for the past three years at least, made a mashup of some the top songs of the year. Here's the 2011 version (the video for this one is really amazing, too):

I know a lot of people really don't like covers, but I hope you've enjoyed these!


  1. I really loved the Circle of Fifths and Dj Earworm songs. It takes such skill to meld these songs like that!

  2. I love mash-ups, too! Those were my favourite on Glee. The last video is so cool! I sometimes hear a song and think it would perfectly mix with something else, but of course I cannot think of an example now. :o(