January 03, 2012

obsessed.: Earl Grey tea with milk

Over break, I tried to cut down on my coffee intake ... by drinking more tea. (I didn't say I was trying to cut down on my caffeine intake ...) I'm typically a straight hot water+tea bag kind of girl, however, one night I found myself thinking about how much I enjoy Earl Grey lattes from Starbucks, so I added a little cream left over from Christmas baking to a cup and found that, lo and behold, I'm a fan of dairy in my tea!

I likely drank a cup 10 out of the 16 days I was on holiday. obsessed. much? I think so.


  1. I'm seriously thinking about sneaking in a B&N run this evening, and you can bet I will be trying one of those Earl Grey Lattes you told me about. ;)

  2. I love tea... but I've never tried it with milk... maybe because I associate it with something a granny would drink :P but maybe I should try it... maybe if I do, it'll become in my new favorite thing.

    The heart cup is lovely, BTW.

  3. That sounds so delicious! I've been on a green tea and honey kick lately, mostly because I hate after coffee breath. It's so icky. You've inspired me to change it up! Earl Grey and milk it is.

  4. I'm not a big fan of tea but Apple, Cinnamon and Cranberry flavour is amazing! And so is the heart cup:)

  5. Jen-Hope you managed to sneak out! ;)

    Jaza-It's good! And thank you.

    Emilia-Coffee breath is totally the worst ... and yet I still drink it all.the.time.

    Monique-That sounds great! I'll have to look for that combo next time I'm in the store. :)

  6. thanks for making me some last night! :)