January 17, 2012

obsessed.: Community

OK, OK. I know. Many people have told me time and time again that I would love this show if I gave it a chance. Did I listen? Not until last week, when Colt and I borrowed the first season DVDs from a friend—thanks, Mark!—and proceeded to watch all 25 episodes in a matter of four days.

Suffice it to say ... we're obsessed. Thank you to everyone who recommended this show. We're currently awaiting the second season, which we used Christmas money to order, to arrive, and will probably forgo all other shows and projects until we've watched the entire thing.

Some thoughts from the first season:
  • The paintball episode. Best thing I've seen in years. (I heard there's another one in season two? Can't wait.)
  • Jeff Winger. Attractive or no?
  • I need a satin jacket with El Tigre Chino embroidered on the back.
  • Abed+Troy=pure genius. I particularly love their "credits" scenes. For example:

Please, please, please TV gods! #SixSeasonsAndAMovie!


  1. Simply one of the best shows evah! I was devastated to know that the show might not go on... :S How could someone cancel this amazing fountain of laughs?

    Paintball, oh yes... amazing. And you still have another episode... Jeff Winger, hot, oh yes.

    Troy+Abed... the best!

    1. Glad you agree! I can't wait until the second season DVDs get here! :D

  2. FINALLY!!! YES!!! this makes me really happy!