January 26, 2012

Nerd News: Capitol Couture, Tank Leia, Victorian superheroes and more

Vol. 3, Issue 4

In movie news:
A few photos and posters have been released:

The Hunger Games



Dark Shadows




And here's a trailer for the new Wes Anderson movie, Moonrise Kingdom.

I want this dress so badly!


I love this Tank Girl spoof. I've always considered Leia a true badass, so it's nice to see her like this.


I love these dogs, and I'm looking forward to seeing the actual commercial during the Super Bowl ... particularly since I care nothing for either of the teams involved. *grumble*49ers*grumble* (Thanks, Shaun!)

In TV news:
This is an adorable likeness of Ghost.


I am so proud of the person running the Statue of Liberty Twitter feed.

Excellent. (Thanks, Shaun.)

In gaming news (Thanks, C&CC Gaming Consultant Wes!):
You could probably DIY these pretty easily, but then you'd have to do actual work.


These altered Victorian portraits are kinda spooky, but that makes me like them all the more?


Vaguely inappropriate? Sure. But also great. I'd like to think Dr. King would enjoy it too. (Thanks, Wes.)

This tour of Toronto through the pages of Scott Pilgrim make me want to visit there! (Thanks, Shaun.)

And finally, this gave me a serious case of the giggles.



  1. The Statue of Liberty tweet is awesome! It makes me so happy to see Doctor Who references from people you wouldn't expect! And because so many people don't know what they're referring to, it's like being in a secret club talking in code. lol Don't blink. ;)
    And that Scott Pilgrim tour of Toronto makes me so happy. Some of my friends lived in Toronto for school and when the movie came out told me that they knew all those places like Sneaky Dee's and Honest Ed's and that castle.

  2. I have to tell you that your Nerd News updates are one of the weekly features I most look forward to in all the blogs I read! Thanks for finding such awesome stuff each week.

    1. Thank YOU, Mim! That's such a wonderful compliment. I'm so happy people like to read these posts.