January 23, 2012

Monscellany—GotW update and Ex Libris Murtis

Goodness gracious, friends! Thank you for such a great response to my Geek of the Week introduction post on Friday. I can't wait to start featuring all of you here.

I am putting the finishing touches on the questionnaire and will send it out later today or tomorrow. I look forward to reading your answers!

Also, for those of you who were uncertain if you were "geeky enough" to take part, I say: Don't be silly! There's no minimum level of nerd you need to have achieved to participate. If you're into something—be it LARPing or photography or reading or staring into space—you're a geek for it. And I want to honor you for it by featuring you in a GotW post!

If you haven't already, please email me (or leave a comment on the GotW post on Friday) with your email address and I will send you the questionnaire asap.


While I know I've promised you photos of the new apartment "soon" more than once now, I can definitely say that things are nearing completion. We got all of our books set up in the office/library/guest room and to celebrate, I designed us a book plate.

(Sorry for the crappy photo. I really must learn to take better pictures.)

It's based off of the actual Curtis crest, with a pen and a pencil in the top left corner, a bike in the top right, a pair of nerd glasses in the bottom left and an Apple apple in the bottom right. It incorporates both our jobs and our main hobbies.

Since we/I loan books out on a pretty regular basis, a while ago I bought a bunch of old-school looking library cards and pockets (like so), which I use to "check books out" to friends and family. These bookplates will go on the outside of each pocket, in order to help library patrons people remember where to return them to once they're finished reading.

I can't wait to stick them on

Have a great Monday!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! :D I'm super happy with the way they turned out.

  2. I love your book plate! What an awesome idea.

  3. GotW is an AWESOME idea!! And how cool are those bookplates?! I must have some done for our ever expanding library! :)